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Dune: Imperium – How To Play

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In this video, we’re going to learn how to play Dune: Imperium! If you have any comments or questions, please do not hesitate to post them in the YouTube comments below, ensuring you abide by our Code of Conduct: .

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00:00 – Introduction
00:45 – Game Setup
05:12 – Game Play Overview
05:36 – Round Start Phase
06:00 – Drawing Cards
06:13 – Player Turns
07:04 – Agent Turn
07:12 – Agent Icons
08:01 – Paying Costs
08:55 – Resolving the Agent Box
10:03 – Spaces Explanations
10:22 – Recruiting
10:48 – Combat Spaces
12:10 – Troops
13:04 – Gaining Solari
13:26 – Intrigue Cards
14:16 – Mentat
14:34 – Foldspace Cards
14:53 – Gaining Cards
15:32 – Trashing Cards
16:20 – Influence Tracks
17:29 – Gaining Victory Points
17:54 – Faction Bonus
18:10 – Gaining An Alliance
20:07 – Reveal Turn
20:21 – Step One: Revealing Cards
20:48 – Persuasion
21:03 – Step Two: Acquiring New Cards
22:38 – Step Three: Setting Conflict Strength
23:29 – Step Four: Clean Up
24:00 – Combat Phase
25:26 – Conflict Strength Ties
26:38 – Control Flags
27:33 – Makers Phase
28:08 – Recall Phase
28:45 – End Game Conditions
28:56 – Determining The Winner
30:08 – Conclusion

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  1. This game looks like so much fun! My favorite game of all time is a deck builder, but I haven't found another game with that mechanic that I really enjoyed. Can't wait to play this!

  2. I am finally getting around to playing this game, and thank goodness for your video, Rodney, I did NOT get any of that from the rules book. I a going to read it again, but I definitely got nothing from the rules that told me what I learned in this great video!!!

  3. Hi Rodney. Let's say the round is finished. I still have some cards in my drawing deck. so, when I shuffle my discard deck, do I have to shuffle it together with the drawing deck?, or, I have to put underneath my drawing deck? (for instance, as in Lost Ruins of Arnak?). thank you.

  4. During recall, what happens to your troops? In the video I saw troops still in the garrison but not in the conflict area. Are the troops in conflict recalled to the supply?? I didn’t find any clarification in the rule book either. Doesn’t mean it’s not in there somewhere. I just didn’t see anything about troop recall.

  5. Hi, how many intrigue cards can I play per turn?

  6. Hey Rodney – thanks for getting me up and running with the game (late to the party, I know!). The only thing I was a bit confused about was the Fremen Bond bonuses granted in the Reveal Box of some Fremen cards. My understanding is that a Fremen Bond bonus is activated if you Reveal it (during your Reveal Turn) when you have another Fremen card In Play. This can include Fremen cards Revealed at the same time as the Fremen Bond card. If you Reveal two Fremen Bond cards – they activate each other. Am I correct in thinking, in the unlikely event that you Revealed three or more Fremen Bond cards, they would all activate each other? Also, am I correct that you can only activate each Fremen Bond bonus once per Reveal Turn (for example, if you had two Fremen cards In Play when you Reveal a Fremen Bond card)? I feel the rule book needs to explain this mechanic in more detail than the two sentences on the back page. Otherwise, loving the game – have just ordered the expansion 😀

  7. 15:47 – "Trashing means you can removed a chosen card from the game." ::casually tosses card away::

    Well played sir, well played indeed!

  8. What a complex game! You did a great job of explaining it, hearing a little bit of strategies would be helpful.

  9. Mad props. Great production quality, and terrific content. This will be a huge help when I play my first game tomorrow!

  10. Fantastic video as always. I just won a copy of this game in a raffle, and now I feel like I understand the rules well enough to be able to jump right in!

  11. I always dread the time I need to teach a new board game… 'cause what will I do if there is no Watch It Played to explain it!
    You make rule teaching seem so easy, when we all know how hard it truely is.
    Thank you soo much for your videos 🙂

  12. Best video I found. I went from "game Ill never play because the rules are overcomplicated" to "best game ive played in ages"

  13. Hey sorry could you answer my question: How many agents can you send at the agent turn? Is it one or unlimited?

  14. I wonder how many times he had to redo that spinning the box in the air move to catch the right side-

  15. 26:46 So we actually bumped into a new problem on this, where Arrakeen came up twice, first time was won by Blue, thus gaining control, second time ended in a tie with both earning the 2nd place reward.

    SO IN THIS CASE, does Blue maintain control, or is Arrakeen "liberated" to where nobody controls it?

  16. Great tutorial! Really helped me understand the game quickly 🙂 Keep up the good work!

  17. I know it’s already been said by others, but this was such a good video. Both thorough and concise. The explanations don’t drag on, and you do a very nice job of knowing when to say, “I haven’t explained this part yet, but I’ll get to it.” Thanks for this video.

  18. I dont think you covered this but what happens where there is a tie for 2nd place combat in a 3 player game? Do both players not get any rewards or do they both get 3rd place rewards. Also great video!! Was very clear and I understood everything thank you so much <3

  19. Correction: foldspace cards cannot be acquired by paying persuasion. They don't even have a cost. Video stamp 21:13

  20. Been a while since I played when does the ai get their 3rd agent?

  21. Been a while since i watched one of your How To Plays but this one helped out a lot! Thanks man!

  22. Excelent explanation! Clear, to the point and easy to follow even for non-native folks like me.

  23. The rule book doesn't explain these 2 points conclusively:
    1. What if a player reaches 4 influence with any faction and gets the marker for that faction. Next the player at some point moves back down to 3 influence. Is the faction marker (and thus the point) lost, despite another player not having overtaken them? Following the rules that say that the alliance is only lost when a player overtakes them, this would have an obvious answer.
    2. You keep the played cards during the agent phase in front of you (the rule book doesn't seem to force players to do this. It tells you to play your cards face up in front of you, but doesn't tell you to keep them there. Clean-up does mention removing the cards in front of you, but that doesn't mean there have to be any there when you reach that point even though you played a couple cards). If at any point, you need to draw a card, but you can't and so need to shuffle, do you also shuffle your played cards in immediately? It seems like an oversight to not be able to draw them for a full cycle of the deck (not having played yet, i don't know if this is even a situation that could occur).

    Without having played the game yet (and not knowing the relevance of these questions) these are my biggest gaps that i couldn't understand.

  24. Thank you, sir, for the great job. You are a gift of God for the gaming community, seriously.

  25. When you gain the benefit of 'trash a card' eg you send an agent to the selective breeding space, can you trash from your deck? Your remaining hand? Or your remaining hand + discard but not deck?
    Is this ever different like when you can trash a card as the reward for winning a conflict or a benefit of certain cards reveal functions?

  26. As always, a brilliant distillation of some rather complicated rules in an engaging an entertaining manner! Kudos!!

  27. Question. So tired players share the reward of the next lower level, easy. But let's examine this scenario. A 4 player game.
    A&B each have 5 points, let's say. C has 4 points and D has 3. So how would this scenario play out? Obviously player D is assed out, person the language, but what about player C?

  28. I know I’m super late lol but my wife just got me this game for the holidays and we’re so excited to try it out! Thanks for the great vids!

  29. Every video you pick up the box and spin it… be honest, how many attempts do you have to get it right… come on… honestly?!

  30. Awesome and clear instructions! Thank you for teaching in such an easy to understand manner

  31. That man could successfully explain quantum mechanics to preschoolers.

  32. Must say: very high quality videos, very clear explanations, not going too fast,… Here now for Dune Imperium, and in the past I came here to check out the mechanics of Gloomhaven JOTL.

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