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Dune: Imperium – We Were Wrong?

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Sometimes, we get things wrong. Well, Tom does. In this absolutely massive video, Tom and Matt dive into the design of Dune: Imperium – and how it’s grown and evolved since we last covered it in 2021. We also review the latest (and perhaps greatest) version of the game to date: Dune: Imperium – Uprising. Enjoy!

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0:00 Dune: Imperium Retrospective
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13:23 Dune: Imperium – Rise of Ix
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16:56 Dune: Imperium – Immortality
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19:04 Dune: Imperium – Uprising
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  1. Even implying that this is the best Dune board game and not Dune the board game…hurts my soul.

  2. So silly how the Brits have the same sound in “war” as in “auction”

  3. I enjoy how the art style is based on the new movies but isn't completely stuck to the movie designs.

  4. Whoever controlth the Thid, controlth the univerth

  5. Excellent review once again, lads! I ended up tossing the original and expansions in favor of Uprising, and all of your points here echo my own precisely.

    As an aside I’ll be seeeing LCD Soundsystem this summer. I always get a kick out of your poster 🙂

  6. Fantastic vid, thank you! What do you think about combining the expansions with Uprising? Are they extraneous now?

  7. In defense of Rise of Ix: even if the SU&SD take is accurate* and it's something that only adds much if you're playing the base game to death and you just want More, Board Game Geek's userbase is always going to have more people who are going to play the game to death. It's like how video game forum feedback is always biased towards… people who play the game enough to want to post on the forums.

    *This sounds way too dismissive of their take on the expansion, but I genuinely can't think of a way to phrase it without sounding dismissive. I trust their take! I think they're probably right!

  8. Did Matt and Tom intentionally coordinate colours? 🤔

  9. Also let the record show that Matt is always right

  10. Please do War for Arrakis! Your most viewed video is War of the Ring, it'd be a great idea

  11. Did Hansa Teutonica lose its shine? Interesting.

  12. WHOA keep growing that hair out, Tom. Giving me Ryan Gosling vibes!

  13. I do greatly appreciate the idea that a Dune game needs to be extremely dry.

  14. The furniture almost spells DUNE. At least, the lamp & wall & chair spell NE.

  15. I think what swings me to Uprising being the superior game is that the "suits" on the conflict cards (get 2 of a kind to win a VP), makes each combat matter in a way that isn't true of the original. In the original I can just sit out of combats if the reward isn't relevent to me, and wait for juicy VP conflicts. That's not as possible in Uprising because you can't afford to allow your opponents to complete pairs of conflict cards without getting a pair or two yourself, so you're a lot more likely to invest some troops in each fight.

  16. I’ve always really enjoyed shut up and sit down’s skits and jokes – it’s what makes them stand apart from other board game review sites (it’s not the presence of skits, it’s the radical idea for them to be funny) – but this feel like they’re slightly getting in way of the thoughts and commentary. A few times in the first half of this video I’ve felt like I’ve lost the critical thread, because of an extended skit. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  17. "do you remember the pandemic?" the one that's still ongoing you mean? i've been shielding from covid for the past 4 years. every past-tense pandemic joke hurts more than the last.

  18. Ok love it but did I miss something? Where is Quinns these days?

  19. I would also advocate Matt's review of TI4's expansion Prophecy of Kings was also similarly rushed and wasn't given a fair chance! It balances the base game sooo much, you don't find many other game expansions that do (or publishers that loyally push updates and errata for their games years later)

  20. Outstanding review. So funny….clever boy

  21. Are you saying that Hansa isn't a great game anymore? or didn't i understand the joke?

  22. Wait… do people not play the game with both expansions? What are you doing? Why? you should totally be playing with both expansions if you have them. I think they are right tho, Immortality is cooler than Rise of Ix, but both of them together is amazing

  23. I know it's a video game, but I wonder if you guys would like Solium Infernun

  24. You both can't wear mustard color clothing–it's distracting.

  25. Wow guys. I still miss seeing Quinns more often, but you guys have elevated the humor and production of these videos to new highs. Not enough board game videos that have this much fun now. Great work!

  26. Tom is scary. I want a more whimsical adult.

  27. Matt, you don't have to be ashamed of your CHOAM

  28. Title is misleading, I thought you finally accepted this was NOT good. I am dissapoint. 🙁

  29. Played the six player version yesterday. Can confirm it's good.

  30. I think, that out of all your videos, i enjoyed this the most. Also, admitting, that your opinion has changed is something that we need more of.
    Keep this awesome work up guys, can't wait for your future content!

  31. It’s perfectly reasonable for anyone to dislike Dune Imperium. But they’re wrong and I hate them.

  32. if your evil twin turns out to be nice, it's time for the unpleasant realization that the evil twin is actually you.

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