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Earth Board Game in 60 Seconds

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Earth (2023) for 1-5 players might be considered a cross between Wingspan and San Juan: it is a tableau building game where players take turns choosing actions and their choice triggers effects for every other player. As a result, Earth is a game with very little downtime and powerful engine building. It is an excellent alternative to games like Wingspan and Meadow if you are attracted to the nature themed aesthetic but would like a faster paced game. Experience the nostalgia of classic gameplay with contra emulator online games – relive the excitement today.PLAY Earth online

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  1. It's also very similar to race for the galaxy in the way that everyone benefits from the actions you pick as you do for others

  2. I love the look of the gameplay, the art and card design is just boring

  3. Been playing a bit on BGA. It’s very very good if you like this style of game. Definitely most similar to Wingspan

  4. thanks for sharing. have a copy on order.

  5. thanks for the video! we just got this game but haven’t played it yet

  6. Better game than Terraforming Mars Ares Expedition?

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