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Earth Board Game Review

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Join us as we take a look at the tableau building card game Earth.


  1. I hate it when the box art has beautiful art and the cards are just photos. Boo.

  2. I love your reviews so much. I trust your judgment and I like how you structure your videos

  3. You have to consider the output of the deck to be random. Yes, you could have waited to take your cards after your opponent and gotten a different draw, but this is very similar to getting different outcomes with dice depending on how you release them from your hand, or like getting a blue gum-ball from a gum-ball machine because the person before you got a yellow one. Different results based on random timing is still random.Or look at it this way, at the end of the turn somebody take the necessary cards for all the players, shuffle them again, then distribute the amount necessary to each clockwise. Is that more random? Is it more random if he doesn't do the shuffle?It doesn't make any sense, if the deck is random, the settle distribution of card for all cannot be anything else than random.

  4. When Ark Nova was all the rage I was gifted a copy at my birthday but sadly I really hated how much you are dependant on luck of the draw because there's a f*ckton of cards that make planning near impossible while the game is also dragging on for faaaar too long. It seems that I can skip this game as well because of similar issues. May as well just go with Race for the galaxy since I have yet to catch up on this classic. Thanks for this review!

  5. Would this game be in your top 100 games? Did not see it there, but you made that list some time ago. Would it joint that list if you made a new one to day?

  6. Wasn’t sure what you meant by squeaky – thank god you had an example!

  7. "like looking for a f**king peanut in a load of gorilla shit" LMAO I love this f**king guy

  8. This game didn't work for me. Recently gifted it

  9. Doesn’t the great Redwood have a pink canopy?

  10. I bought it, played it 4 times trying to find joy in it. I failed to do so.
    It presently lives in one of 14 large storage containers with 200+ other ‘meh’ games I’ll never find a way to get rid of.
    Super. ❤😊

  11. was expecting you to rip this one to peaces and throw it in the compost! Its not a 10/10 like some lead you to believe but its a solid 8 and a bunch of fun at that.

  12. Love your videos mate, straight up and not full of crap. Well done! Keep on keeping on man

  13. The game is no breakthrough in modern boardgaming but I like the fulfilling gameplay quite a bit and like to play a quick round in every now and than. The game got trashed in multiple German Gaming channels for no solid reason in my opinion.

  14. Great video mate. I can't help myself though, your hate for Wingspan must surely remind you of this game 😂

  15. You can always house rule a 5 card river of cards to choose from. We did this with Guilds of London (very under-rated game) where you can choose from the river first and then the deck. In GoL b'c there are different ways to draw cards, we limited access to the river to only your end-of-turn draws. I don't know how it would work for Earth, having not played it. And yes, you should try GoL, great game once you get past the dizzy array of iconography.

    If you like Puerto Rico style games, you should find a copy of Exodus Fleet. Graphic design is, well, bad. But the game is, as you Limeys say, "Crackin'"

  16. I played this again last night, and your do and don’t likes pretty much nail how I feel about the game. Getting a bit sick of nature as a theme at this point though

  17. Tableau builders have never really buttered my parsnips but I make a point of watching your reviews because I am confident that the opinions expressed, good or bad, will be free of bias or favor and may reveal points I had not even considered.

  18. Top vid. Probably stopped me from pulling the trigger on it. I'm with you on random card draws, fucking infuriating more often than not.

  19. This game is just really annoying to play in person. So many bits everywhere , so hard to see everything and the play time is insane. 2 player count maybe okay. But on BGA this game is great. Playing online fixes all the problems I have with this game. I have 2 plays in person and over 50 online. Although after this many games I do feel like I am done with this game and really not interested in playing it again. It does come down to luck A LOT once your playing with top rated players. (For reference I'm top 50 on GBA)

  20. Best tableau builder to introduce people to the game – best one to play with 6 people (prob not wingspan)?

  21. This review feels like one of your old school reviews, which are my favorite. Straight forward review, not added swearing and innuendo for a cheap laugh. Your reviews like this are the ones that I hold up as the best, not just on your channel, but on YouTube. It's obviously preference, but this type of your review is my favorite. Keep up the great work.

  22. I agree with pretty much everything said here. It’s perfectly alright, and I will keep it around, but the amount of icons, bonuses, discounts, goals, adjacency considerations etc etc are all just far too much for a game that is so random. I also really don’t like having to count up final scores that go into the multiple hundreds. Total ballache!

  23. Controversial opinion; tableau builders longer than an hour ultimately suffer due to randomness. When i play race for the galaxy i dont mind getting rough draws because i can just play another quick game. Games like Terraforming Mars fall over when you have rough draws for 2 and a half hours. Dunno, just can't fall in love with a game that takes hours that might not feel fair.

  24. Great vid and fair review. Great point on the Arc Nova bit with 🌎 not having some cards displayed. I may have to house rule that on my next solo play to see how that goes. Also how many takes on knocking down the growth tree? 😅

  25. Squeeky fucking bum time 5:22 has been added to my list of inappropriate daily tasks.

  26. Have been waiting for this review with the game in the card.

  27. Terraforming Mars, Wingspan, Everdell, Ark Nova, Earth, etc, etc. Tableau builders are a dime a dozen and none have really surpassed the purity and speed of Race for the Galaxy.

  28. Dude i love this game so much and im so glad you didn't end up slamming it! I actually thought of another con:
    When we played, we got extremely confused with the iconography… they have SOME of the icons on the player board… but not all of them? And some aren't even in the rulebook either! Did you have this experience too at all? We ended up having to dm the earth people about specific cards and icons that weren't explained.

  29. The deck is random. If everyone left the room and I was allowed to shuffle the deck, know one would (nor could know) if I had done it.

    This is like complaining about which hand someone used to roll dice. Yes, it does effect the outcome.

    I was playing Risk, right, and someone rolled the black dice before I rolled mine. They rolled two sixes. Never invited them back. If they had waited they would have rolled something different.

  30. I reckon you could make a pretty good board game at this point. Get crackin!
    I'd love to be able to do it but where do you start. A4 sheets of paper and some colour crayons probably.

  31. I for one appreciate the "what we don't like" portion of your videos. Really helpful when a game is getting a lot of hype. Can't wait for your take on Forrest Shuffle.

  32. Didn’t really enjoy this game. Too much noise and never felt like I had a clear idea of what I should do next.

  33. A very good summary. The game has too many options, but it's good.

  34. I played this at board games club a few months back and it's been on my list ever since, i really enjoyed it. Having saod that, being on ky list means ill still be thinking about it in 2042 after buying a pile of glossy, licensed shitpile games that i regret. Never fucking fails.

  35. Not sure if this would help with your third dislike, but there are so many cards in the game that we just give everyone their own deck. Really dig this one.

  36. i had a roman themed trick taking game by this company and they overcomplicated the rulebook

  37. Oi, all you cunts need to hit like on this to keep this channel going… it

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