Eco-friendly alternative to plastic comes to modern board games! -

Eco-friendly alternative to plastic comes to modern board games!

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CGE’s upcoming 2023 release, Kutná Hora: The City of Silver, will be the first modern board game to feature RE‑Wood!!

RE‑Wood is an innovative material developed in Germany that utilizes wood waste to create biodegradable products, including detailed board game components and aims to support sustainability in board games!

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  1. This is amazing. Hopefully, CGE is the first of many companies to adopt this process. Major kuddos to CGE for sharing the process with other publishers.Can you imagine if this process spreads to other industries? Moments like these are why I absolutely love the tabletop community

  2. Bort Sportsman | Xan Dar Warp | X-Warp Review says:

    I love this! The game industry and beyond needs this and I want to learn more!

  3. Such a great news! Congrats for the iniciative!

  4. Is the binder also biodegradable? If it isn't, you shouldn't really imply the product is biodegradable; "replaces 80% of plastic with wood" is pretty good on its own.

  5. This is very exciting! As someone who cares about the future of the planet I often feel guilty about the sheer volume of boardgames I do buy. Hopefully this will be able to provide a more sustainable future so we could all enjoy many games while not causing more harm to the planet!

  6. The re-wood does look cool, but games have a fairly long shelf life. Plastic bits in them just sit on the shelf as the game moves from owner to owner. Then maybe an owner dies and the heirs just throw the game away. It goes to the land fill, and the plastic bits don't degrade, but don't really take up a lot of space (compared to say, the plastic in a coffee maker or other appliance that gets tossed in the trash.) Online Game Stores cushion games with a lot of plastic bubble wrap in the box. It's not recyclable, and won't degrade. It gets thrown in the trash immediately. Bad plastic inserts that get tossed in a few weeks also go to the landfill and won't degrade. Those are two areas of plastic use in the gaming hobby that need an eco-re-tool.

  7. Thanks for sharing! Does RE-Wood use the same injection moulds as plastic? Or does it have similar tooling costs?

  8. This and the bagasse game trays in Endeavor Deep Sea are great innovations… i wonder how much energy is used for the whole production process…

  9. Great! We love wood componentes and this looks incredible! Can't wait to see it in Essen

  10. It looks fantastic 👍 I’m looking forward to it 😊

  11. Wow very cool. I hope to see and feel some re-wood pieces in my future games!

  12. I can't wait to feel and HEAR this new material! I hope it's as nice as natural wood sounds.

  13. this is so exciting! thank you for making a eco friendly option for plastics!

  14. I'm susipicious, of course, but if it's true then cool.

  15. Sounds like you're expecting a lot of these to end up in the trash!

  16. Sounds great! I have a couple of questions that I have not found information on yet:

    Where is re-wood collected for recycling? More importantly, what do I have to do to make sure that my future re-wood trash is properly recycled? I live in the EU.

    Can I compost them similar to softwood chips? Is the paint on the components non-hazardous/biodegradable as well?

  17. This is cool, I love new production technology, and this seems like a win-win.

  18. Sounds great, Eleni! Anything we can do to curb ecological disaster is worthwhile. I hope more producers will switch to this new material.

  19. Awesome to hear about these new eco friendly method of making components for games, here is hoping that others will adopt the method also.

  20. This is amazing news. Cannot wait to see it!

  21. I like plastic. I prefer wood, but I will take plastic in an instant. Bring back lead miniatures. Eco-friendly is a lame buzz word that puts off more people than it attracts. The arrogance involved in thinking this makes some kind of impact on anything is astounding. Stop worshiping the Environment, it's not a religion.

  22. I love this!!!!!!! Hope others follow suit.

  23. Sounds fantastic! A great idea and I'm curious about the feelings the new components give.

  24. Looks great! Sensible component choices and packaging is something I always appreciated about CGE games.

  25. This is amazing. We are so excited to see this. Thank you for continuing to innovate to make games more sustainable.

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