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Edgeland | Dangerous GIANT Board Game!!

Team Edge
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Hey guys! What land was your favorite? What challenges would you like to see in the next edgeland board game? Let us know down below! Check out the Which Prop Is He? | Prop Hunt IRL!!


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  1. Everyone watch project 863 one of the men in this video is evil

  2. If you guys hear in 20 secs in Joey said porn

  3. I’ve watched this a video quite few times. When Bobby tucks his arms in and Brian says “you know what to aim for.” That’s hilarious.

  4. lol i just now noticed he says tackle bobby in the box if u fail go back 7 spaces then he fails and bryan says go back 2 spaces lol

  5. Pedro Pescasio Jr. / official klyde channel says:

    A Kids Game

  6. In the beginning Bobby stood at the wrong place so most of those punishments probably wouldn’t have happened 😂🥲

  7. I dare you to do a wheel of fortune lie game but board game so it’s monopoly red is punishment, blue is $10, and purple is safe or reward. Add custom one

  8. bobby was wining and losing and wining

  9. I wonder if they still have the kaplunk cage?

  10. No one on wonder videos one of them I want you to have one of the punishments get Sean the necklace on paintball gun or let someone thin on fano slap you on the neck so yeah

  11. It couldn't have been more bad for Bobby🤣🤣

  12. no one really cares but Bobby cheated after he got shot with the paintball gun he moved one more space so he wouldn't get all those punishment if he didn't cheat.

  13. It’s weird to find out that they’re all related.

    Mathias is J-Fred’s brother
    Bobby is a cousin
    Bryan is J-Fred’s brother-in-law

  14. When Bobby did his first punishment, he subtly moved one square forward after. Which means if he didn't, he would never have landed on any of the punishments. He probably wouldn't have won either.

  15. What I always found funny, is that I have that EXACT bass plush. I remember finding it randomly in Walmart one day

  16. So Bobby was the one that truly broke thor's hammer not hella

  17. Bryan: I could eat breakfast and still make it up there
    Bobby: ok 15 seconds
    Bryan: quickly tries to get Bobby back to the 30 second challange

  18. Bobby died that day… Getting hit in the coconuts

  19. Bobby is the definition of a legendary comeback

  20. Jesus saves and loves you if you want to get saved all you need to do is repent of your sins and believe that the Lord is your Lord and savior and if you need someone to talk to or need help I'm here for you!

  21. I just got rickrolled by an add

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