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Edgeland! | GIANT Board Game of PAIN!!

Team Edge
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Hey guys! What do you think about our unique, giant, board game? What other lands should be included in the game? Let us know down below!

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  2. "a board game, but in real life"
    so are regular board games not in real life

  3. Has anyone noticed that Bobby has won every Edgeland game except the one in which he wasn’t a player?

  4. They have a suckerpunch and no big balls? come on!

  5. I think that Bobby is going to win this challenge ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  6. bryan’s face every time he got hit was killing me

  7. We got Bobby actually doing an escape room, Brian putting a puzzle together, and Joey.

  8. j-fred: “riley’s not here”
    yea i am guys 😔

  9. “That can’t be that hard” famous last words Jfred

  10. That was perfect timing for Whitney to say that she's never landed the gymnast on his feet and then Joey finally completed the escape room!

  11. I would pay a million bucks to be one of them

  12. I think that Bobby is going to win this challenge

  13. the punch wall needs to return for the edgegames

  14. At the start when Joey was saying the name and he hummed it sounded like a Samsung sent a message

  15. Punishment Bobby:the next person to land on a punishment square you must complete their punishment
    Joey:oh YES
    Bryan: you better hope it's not me

  16. Whitney says I've owned this thing since Christmas and still haven't been able to land it once
    Joey oh yeah
    He lands it at the last second

  17. Joey:Bobby got to go back two spaces cuz he failed cuz he failed cuz he failed know what I'm saying

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