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Edgerunners And CP2077 Board Game

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  1. I had no issues with the Gangs of Night City KS. I'm sure that some people had issue as I haven't done a ks that didn't have issues with some backers. The models are 32mm, which means they are comparable to Combat Zone which is nice. The minis are well made and high detail for a boardgame. Combat Zone Edgerunner I am slightly disappointed because the base set will not have minis, but standees. The minis you'll have to buy separately which I don't know if I can afford it all lol. But they do look mint!

  2. i just want my Edgerunners mission kit man…

  3. Always good to see a JonJonTheWise video. I can't wait for the mission kit and then the 2077 source book!

  4. I still feel like RTal fumbled the bag royally by releasing a mad maxian time of the Red game alongside so much hype for the 2077 era.

    There's so much cyberpunk content set in the 2070s, and right now the vast majority of the fans are interested in that setting, whereas Red is almost a survival setting by comparison. Shrug.

  5. I hope that R Talsorian watches and implements Seth Skorkowsky's suggestions for an updated Cyberpunk Rule book. Way too much disparate placement of necessary information in the current Red rulebook. No shade, I love the game but many needed FAQ/updates and better organization.

  6. The Gangs of Night City looks good, wished I had been able to back the Kickstarter.

  7. Gangs of Night City is a great game. I've only seen one luke-warm review and that was from a group of people where 2/3 aren't the target audience for the game. There is also hate for CMON, but it's generally unfounded. People who play the game, love it.

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