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Efka’s Top Ten Games of All Time

No Pun Included
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  1. Fine list, Dune and Elgrande are the pick of the bunch for me.😊

  2. Cool list, but I mainly remembered that you love trains, but you hate tracks 🙂

  3. Great video as always. I was surprised to see Concordia, but I'm not sure why, it's a fantastic game.

  4. Sidereal confluence is my number 1 game as well ! and I had a real tragedy with this one, I was never able to receive my preorder copy, because I had to move to another country, and now I don't know if I will ever be able to play it. But I hope that this day will come…

  5. Thank you for this video – excellent reviews as always.

  6. Gosh this was such a banger of an episode! 👌🏼

  7. Still need to play Twilight Emporium… I mean Sidereal confluence

  8. I have Dune: Imperium – Uprising!!!

  9. Look Sidereal Confluence is not my number one game of all time, as I've not played it, but boy howdy does it sound like it would be.

  10. Finally a top ten I can relate to! Although I only played 6 of these ten, the other 4 are highly on my Wishlist, so now only more reasons to jump into those!

  11. Best List – because even w/o knowing the game before you can understand what it is about.

  12. Only top 10 list I've ever seen where I also love every game mentioned. (Except eathborne rangers, which I haven't played yet)

  13. Great list! I've played almost all of them, including Sidreal Confluence, but only own two: Great Western Trail and Concordia.

  14. Started out with a bang with Heat and Concordia! I'll have to check some of the others and I haven't played Dune Imperium (or Uprising) yet. I remember you loved Kemet, does it still hold up in your favourites outside your top 10 or has it fallen out of favour?

  15. Right on! So much overlap with my top 10. I’d probably put Terraforming Mars in place of Age of Innovation. And I’ve still got to try dune imperium, sidereal confluence and earthbound rangers, but I’m even more excited after seeing them here.

  16. Nice list. Heaven & Ale? Obsession? Love listening to you and Elaine 😎

  17. Loved the list. Long time fan of both your channel and Sidereal Confluence from the time you reviewed it and then I bought it, renewed it into the new art for compatibility with the expansion.

    Surprised to see no Cole Wehrle games on your list. Limiting to 10 and ranking these diverse experiences is hard though.

  18. Thank you Efka for your list. I appreciate your time and thoughts. I had never heard of Sidereal Confluence, but I am certainly interested in it now.

  19. Here is a tale of SIDEREAL WOE;
    I purchased a copy of this game about 5 years ago, maybe more; I never got it to the table- other games were prioritised in our gaming group…
    So I sold it.
    But then there was the re print release and I thought…this is it- it’ll be so snazzy that we couldn’t resist it, and I do recall that back then you both had been sharing your passion for the game.
    But it too sat on the shelf for a few years…and due to the complexity of the rules, the necessity of a reasonably high player count and the charm of easier games to get chosen… I sold that copy as well.
    Maybe it will be number 1 or in my top 10 in the future when I finally confluence with it.
    I do share your passion for many of the other games on your list;
    My CURRENT TOP 10:
    3 RA

  20. Horizon Zero Dawn being in the top 3 really caught me off guard.

  21. would love video or podcast segment comparing terra mistica, gaia project and age of innovation side by side

  22. Dune Imperium defies Hype and has a Solo mode that I thoroughly enjoy. (Efka sporting His TVA Orange Tshirt!) …another slice of El Grande Sanwich please

  23. Sidereal is easily top ten for me, but I usually give Feast for Odin the number one spot.

  24. I'd not played any of these games so I took note of the ones that seemed interesting to me. Thanks 🙂
    P.S.- My favorite board game is Blood on the Clocktower. 😈

  25. Hi, it's me, Sidereal Confluence is my favourite game and has been since it came out. Funnily enough we ran into each other at a convention and briefly spoke about it while playing High Society.

  26. Thanks for your hard work.
    I hear you have a review of El Grande?

  27. Consistently Efka either has my exact same preferences in games, or the opposite. I like that about the channel actually. So I was surprised that Dune: Imperium and Sidereal Confluence were among his favorites. I think they are wonderful games and I had the pleasure of playing SC with eight players! Very pleasantly surprised by this list!

  28. Why aren't they finishing Arkham? Are they just not interested in it or was it too hard?

  29. Great list, and I can see that we look for the same things in games.
    I recommend you play Hansa Teutonica if you haven’t, I’m sure you’ll like it

  30. Fantastic video!
    I played Dune colon Imperium dash Uprising for the first time a few weeks ago and I agree with everything you have to say about it. It's such a great experience!

  31. The background Muzak made this unwatchable for me.

  32. You made an error. In that clip from David Lynch's Dune, Sting is not holding a cat, but rather is holding a small pig.

  33. I like Age of Innovation, if I had never played Gaia Project then it might be my favorite game of all time. Instead it ends up being close enough to be familiar, but different enough to strip away what I love about Gaia Project. Gaia is a 10/10 for me, while Age of Innovation is a 9/10.

    Now I need to check your channel to see if you did Gaia Project…

  34. Sidereal Confluence has been my favorite game since I played it at Pax Unplugged this year! I think I have to check out all the other games on this list if we have such similar taste

  35. I absolutely love Sidereal Confluence. Definitely in my top 10, and probably my favourite game I don't own.

  36. Not a fan of the jazz music….
    I haven't even heard of your number one but it sounds really interesting and like nothing I own!

  37. Patreons are looking forward for the follow up top 20 🙂

  38. Sidereal Confluence in BGG hotness. The Efka effect!

  39. Great video, but by God that backing jazz track is annoyingly repetitive 😂

  40. Sidereal is phenomenal. Been wanting to play it for ages and then managed two games in a fortnight with different groups. Surpassed expectations and thoroughly enjoyed by all at both tables.

  41. I love your videos! Very professional and inspiring! subbed!

  42. Love this list. I guess I need to get past my disliking of ip games to try Dune Uprising… and why haven’t I tried the Norwegians expansion yet?

  43. Im probably going to try Concordia and el grande

  44. Due to a delay, human made captions in English will be available tomorrow, apologies to everyone inconvenienced by this.

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