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El Burro: A La Granja Game – Board Game Review & Comparison

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Hello everyone!

It’s time for another review, and today, we are taking a look El Burro, the new game from Spielworxx using the core concepts of La Granja to make a new, heavier experience.

We eally enjoy La Granja, and weer super excited to find out if this one was better, if we needed both, or if we’d stick with La Granja!

Watch to find out! (Obviously)

Hope you’ll enjoy it!

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Intro: 00:00
Overview: 00:55
Artwork & Components: 02:56
Rulebook & player Aids: 04:56
Playtime & Player Count: 07:11
The Cards: 08:29
The Player Board: 11:17
Dice Drafting: 14:23
The Game Board & Donkey Movement 15:40
Donkey & Goat Deliveries + The Reward Track: 21:41
Interaction: 28:49
Weight & Who is it for: 32:17
Final Thoughts & Which game to get: 33:58


  1. El Burro or La Granja ?TLDR; El Burro = La Granja Deluxe MS > La GranjaOnly you know what you need. A game better at 2p? or La Granja Deluxe's modularity and interaction at higher player count?Don't like area control? -> El BurroPeople seem to have not followed your final thoughts well enough Johannes, please correct me if I missed something 🙂

  2. Thank you. This will be an instant buy.

  3. Just played this and thought you both would enjoy it. 

    I really like the goat deliveries and the donkey track replacing the area control market. For the goat deliveries, you are really incentivized to try to deliver to your opponent, as it lets you not just climb the reward tracks but nets you 2 points (in two player). You can even plan your market barrows around what your opponent might deliver or try to prevent them from getting the two points.

  4. I think I missed the answer to my key question: if I want to only get one of El Burro or La Granja Deluxe, which one should I go for ? (Or for you: if you could only keep one of them, which one would you keep ?)

  5. I've been wondering about this one! I have the deluxe La Granja and have been thinking this I've might be even better cause I don't love the area control-ish part of La Granja

  6. I kinda understand native english speakers trying to pronounce everything in english like there is no other language in the world, but you guys! cmon… type how to pronounce "la granja", you are better than this!

    Love your work, keep it up

  7. Good review, I'll definetily buy it, thank you guys!! . BTW Granja is pronounced like this "grahn hah" the way you pronounce house

  8. Hi guys! Thanks for the great comparison video!!!

    Sadly you made a small mistake: The market bonuses on the VP track are not taken away. Once you reach the spot you just get the immediate benefit and leave the tile where it is. Every other player can get it as well!!! Once every player gained more then 12 points the tiles are removed from the game. So nobody with more than 80 points can claim them again.

  9. Couldn’t quite make what Johannes said at the end about not being as good with 2 players – did you mean El Burro or La Granja?

  10. La Granja is a top 10 game for me for sure. I always thought it was underappreciated and honestly was surprised (pleasantly) that it got the deluxe edition treatment. I've been looking forward to this one for sure 😊

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