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Elden Ring Board Game Kickstarter – All The Pledge Levels & Details!

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Nick here! In this video, we’re revealing the pledge levels for the Elden Ring Board Game Kickstarter campaign. Find out which rewards you can get if you back the project!

Elden Ring Boardgame is going to be developed by the Dark Souls Boardgame creator Steamforged and its a new dungeon crawler board game for 1-4 players set in Eldern Ring game world.

Excited about the Elden Ring Board Game?

You can find the Bardsung Legend of the Ancient Forge Kickstarter Board Game Unboxing here:

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  1. I rewatched your overview and still cant decide … I am huge fan of SFG (DS, DMC, MHW, Bardsung on the way) and yet I cannot commit and go allin with this one. Seems like a combo of all mentioned games. Cant put my finger on what is wrong for me yet something is telling me to wait for release. What do you think? Did you go allin/other pledge or nothing at all?

  2. So if I buy the Core pledge for £152, do I also get the Entry Pledge inclusions as well?

  3. I'd like a video to show how the game works and how it translates the game to a tabletop

  4. I have another question of uno…So the first card is a yellow 1I have and yellow eight and a red eight can I play them both? (first yellow and then red)

  5. ERRATA: core pledge does not come with the contents of the starter pledge.

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  6. I’ll probably go either the first one or all in. I don’t want to go all in if I don’t think I’ll enjoy it, but at the same time the miniatures look awesome in the all in pledge and I think I’ll enjoy the hundreds of tiles to make the game act like an actual open world

  7. I'll wait for the pledge goal that guarantees they'll get it done and delivered without being more than a year late.

  8. SFG… I think I’ll wait for retail after reviews have hit.

  9. Probably going to do the all in just to make sure I get everything. I hope I don’t regret this

  10. Hi Nick. Thank you for this video (and all the others which are very useful).
    Like you, I think, I'm very interested in Elden Ring, but knew the video game very well, I quickly realized that this KS only featured the very first (admittedly large) area of Elden Ring. Which implies that there could be other KS with the other zones (equally large, Caelid, Liurnia, Leyndell, etc., just to name a few.) of the same ilk and price. That would make it the most expensive KS series in the world.
    My main problem, apart from the all-in price which I find way too high compared to other games ("Anastyr", for example, from Mythic Games – this is just an example that was discussed with some of my facebook subscribers), is the fact that it only presents a small part of the whole game (even if some miniatures could be reused in other areas, such as the tree avatar).
    I don't think to be able to pledge anything each year.
    I'll wait for more explanation during the KS.
    I'm waiting for the mechanics too because I'm not sure to be fully excited by these ones.
    So, many questions in mind.
    What do you think?

  11. Entry Pledge: 89$. Small dip into the game. Low amount of content. No stretch goals
    Core Box: 179$ doubles the price. 2x more Hex Tiles. 2x more content. 2.5x more miniatures. 2.5x more cards. All Stretch Goals on top!
    All-In: 429$. Looks worth it, but too expensive for me 🙂 I can buy plenty of other games for that amount of money.

    I'm going for the Core Box.

  12. 1:36 Pretty sure the Core Pledge does not include any of the content of the Entry pledge. The Entry pledge is pretty much a stand-alone expansion with the Weeping Peninsula that you'd have to buy in addition to the Core. The Core includes only Limgrave. I know, really contrived way to do pledge tiers and confusing way to name the tiers, but SFG is weird like that. Why do it like everyone else when you can make people buy multiple copies of the core components they only really need once…

  13. No way. Starting pledge is an unimportant boss. Core Pledge only provides core items, not entry, you have to purchase entry on top of core to get both.
    $430 for all-in while it's only 1 of 6 continents in the base game means likely 3-5 more kickstarters, easily meaning the game is somewhere around $2,500 for everything. For those who want everything that is a steep price.
    And Steamforged has been releasing typos, errors, misprints, and more? I love Fromsoft and Elden Ring, I mean I really do. This cash-grab however is not something I think I'm going to support. Just to put it in perspective, the game came out 8 months before the Kickstarter was announced. Being generous, they took 8 months to develop this game, that is an insanely short time. I think because of this they were unable, or perhaps unwilling, to consolidate more of the game into a single purchasable experience.

    Many kickstarters have successfully done this. They cut out the least important content and added the more prominent things successfully. Looking at you CMON and Bloodbourne. Breaking these down into different kickstarters and charging that much is terrible practice.

  14. Yet another sea of grey plastic… The people who like flashy plastic and support these kickstarters are the reason we can't have normal $40-$75 games that focus on mechanics with a normal 1-2 hour play time rather than models anymore… I guarantee you that 90% of the copies sold won't hit anyone's table more than twice. Can't wait for this trend to die.

  15. Anybody interested in this game would find the core pledge necessary at minimum, and they would still need to buy the first tier because it isn't included? All-In is 400+ dollars and it isn't even the full game, so they can release multiple expansions through retail later? Hard pass. I don't mind SFG but this is a badly overpriced offering, I honestly hope it doesn't get funded so they have to come back later with a better deal.

  16. Looks interesting but I have to see how they handle combat first

  17. Very expensive. And so much content. It's just to much.

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