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ELDEN RING Board Game – Playthrough

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Join us three lowly Tarnished as we play ELDEN RING: The Board Game! Emboldened by the flame of ambition, how will we fare on this introductory demo quest…?

ELDEN RING: The Board Game is launching on Kickstarter today at 18:00 GMT.

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With more than 40,000 followers, it’s already the most followed Kickstarter of all time!


  1. I'm happy they changed the formula from the past Souls/Borne board games. This feels fresh and intriguing to explore

  2. Anyone know the brand of this gaming table? EDIT: Appears to be GeekNSon's, not sure the model.

  3. The game is visually very beautiful, it looks interesting to play, the position system reminds me a bit of dark souls card game. There are lots of cool things, I hope that in the future, you will offer Liurnia lakeside, Caelid, siofra and other universes… Now we all ask ourselves the question, is that in terms of balance, character development, "level design" the game will hold up (we all think of a dark souls the board game).

    For the moment, the immense disappointment I have is to see that there is no French version. If this is the case, I hope that the titles of cards, objects etc will be translated, because for dark souls we had the bad surprise of having translated everything except the titles of cards, equipment etc which remained in English.

  4. What is the proposed release date, for the core set?

  5. You need to turn the music down, it literally drowns the fluffy guy at the end of the table out sometimes when he's explainging stuff.

  6. Couldn’t decide between heroes III or this, can’t back all, but decided, it’s this…looks bloody great 😊

  7. I am surprised by all the love in the comments. My current impression is that it looks totally generic and doesn't do the awesome Elden Ring IP any justice.

    Given SFGs track record my expectations were already pretty low but the presented product still manages to underwhelm, especially when the insane price point is taken into consideration.

  8. I’m going to lose my crap if I can’t get my hands on all of these.

  9. I wish this were design for solo play, from the ground up.

  10. Am I the only one that was kind of sad to see there wasn’t boards to lay out? I figured there would be and then change the shape and be more creative with them kind of similar to gloomhaven. I feel like the quest book with the miniatures looks cheap and not as immersive. But that’s the only criticism I have. It still looks fun to play and I’m glad they changed the formula compared to dark souls board game.

  11. When will hackers actually receive the game?

  12. Doesn’t being in a defensive stance also provide 1 block? That’s the shield with the 1 in it, right?

    Edit: Nevermind. I see that's the symbol for drawing an extra Effect card.

  13. I got to asking myself how true to the spirit of the lore/atmosphere the board game is. I thought if I close my eyes and just listen to them play, while disregarding other direct Elden Ring reference I might hear, would I come out of the experience and say "Hey the way they described combat I could imagine a souls game/Elden Ring" or "Hey that sounds like exploring an open world like in Elden Ring".

  14. Huge scam, $400 for a partial game ? please, stop selling plastic and go make games

  15. Are the Cards all standard size?? looking to get some Sleeves ready for the whole package.

  16. Looks awesome, but again i won't find anyone ready to put out hours of gameplay regularly. :/

  17. This looks brilliant guys, can't wait – i've backed all in!

  18. Need help guys. I’ve never played anything like this style of board game before. I’ve play games from blood rage, rising sun, scythe, north guard uncharted lands, etc. so this is similar as far as your worker placement I’m assuming but over all its very different. Is this style of board game easy to learn. It’s looks pretty complex but I learn board games pretty quick on board games . I just want options if people think from my board game back ground if it’s a game that would slightly come natural to learn and olay

  19. Feels like something is missing. Is gear all the character progression there is? Will there be more interesting quests to complete? I know it's just the tutorial, but just seems like it's busywork on a semi-random map until the boss fight.

    Will wait for more videos incase there is more to the gameplay-loop.

  20. Looks great!! Can’t wait for my Kickstarter All In copy to come through. Super jealous to all those that get to play ahead! Super excited.

  21. I never got a chance to back the dark souls board game. Yet I ended up buying every available expansion through retail. I'm thinking to all pledge on this one so I don't miss anything

  22. I’m all in Steamforged… I’m all in… I’ll play Bardsung while I wait for this on my doorstep. 🎲 ⚔️🎲

  23. That was a lot of fun! Happy to see the game in action.

  24. Turn the lights on in there. Everything on the board is so dark I can't even sew what's going on

  25. Right off the bat I'm seeing some similarities to the 'Bloodborne Boardgame'… hmm…

  26. For starters I’m not backing for reasons I won’t bother to mention. Just here for curiosity but straight up, what is with these small hex tiles? Reminds me of JiME only they had more hex’s combined into one tile but overall they were too small as well.

    To add after watching, I don’t see anything groundbreaking here. I can easily just buy another exploration style game for a lot cheaper than this. There’s plenty out there.

  27. thank you!!! I'm so excited. I hope it comes out soon.

  28. 엘든링 보드게임이면 무조건 구매해야지. 언제 출시되나요?

  29. After Jules drew that first card I half expected George R Martin to come out of the closet and call him maidenless.

  30. Looks good! Would be fun if there was a soundbox with background music and pre-set sounds like when you die and facing an enemy😃

  31. Any idea when the game actually comes out yet?

  32. Hi! Are you planning to translate the game in other languages than English ?
    Thank you!

  33. Best SFG game I've seen, but that's not saying much at all.

  34. Looks ok, but 430€ is just fcked-in-the-head levels of expensive ^^ considering shipping as well, I can buy an actual PS5 + the digital Elden Ring instead of this. This is ridiculous

  35. Suggestion. It would be great to have a health tracker for boss health. 35 little tokens is a bit unwieldy…

  36. Looks good but sounds just as complicated as Dark Souls lol

  37. I'll be the sceptic here – the game overall looks good, quality components, but to me it seemed that there are couple issues with it.
    Overall, it feels like you really need someone with very good in-depth knowledge of all the random stuff, from tokens to rules nuances. Effectively, a good gamemaster.
    Secondly, somehow I didn't felt that much of an excitement watching it being played. It felt like watching someone read a science book in the late evening.
    Thirdly, and this kinda is the final straw – the price. The 'all inclusive' option is nearly 400 eur. That is a mighty amount for a table game! Of course, you could get base game only, but one of the main thrills of kickstarter projects is getting all the extras and/or better quality stuff. I really hope they'll keep their promise on "no extra taxes", but I've seen this promise being broken a few times before, so we'll see about that.

    Again, to each it's own, but the price/enjoyment ratio seems to be on the lower end for this one.

  38. I wish I could get into this games, and smoke a fat bowl before I play.

  39. Quest: Kill something to kill something bigger? Omg really? I mean thats the issue of translating a video game to board game, ZERO story. Speaking of.. how did you translate that huge amazing deep story into the board game? Btw why the incantations doesnt have pictures on them, there are those icons or maybe some screens will be better than nothing, how can someone that doesnt played Elden more than 100 hours imagine Carian blade?

  40. I don’t like that one of your actions can be wasted talking to the merchant and him just rambling, furthermore because that card is shuffled in again it could happen multiple times if you’re unlucky!

  41. If there was a digital form of this like catan online. I'd be so fucking down to buy it

  42. Would be great if the exploration tiles were a tad bigger to allow more space for figures and markers

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