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ELDEN RING Board Game – Playthrough

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Join us three lowly Tarnished as we play ELDEN RING: The Board Game! Emboldened by the flame of ambition, how will we fare on this introductory demo quest…?

ELDEN RING: The Board Game is launching on Kickstarter today at 18:00 GMT.

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With more than 40,000 followers, it’s already the most followed Kickstarter of all time!


  1. im the type of person to recreate the map with all the tiles

  2. Can you re-upload this without the music please so I can hear what they're saying!!?

  3. Why let me solo her, He doesn’t his own mini??

  4. I love elden ring and I’m a big board gamer – I see absolutely no point in this. I hope people enjoy it, but if I want to play Elden Ring, I’ll play Elden Ring. If I want to play a board game, I’ll play a game that isn’t designed to be a video game.

  5. I have now watched all the videos of gameplay that were at the event and this. I'm so ready to play this game! When does it come to backers?……….Dang😂

  6. This game looks so confusing, it’s why it’s gonna be great!

  7. I’d love to see gameplay with the prophet, I’m curious how that character works

  8. It seems like a game that will shine solo. As each player does it’s own thing but working towards a common goal but really one player will drive the quest.

  9. Way to complicated to have a good time, unless you have a “dungeon master” that knows every rule and nuance.

  10. This looks way too difficult for a board game even for people who have played elden ring and I bet it’s a small fortune as well

  11. Oh man I don't have room for more board games from y'all! But I'll figure out where to put it 🤣🤣🤣 looks freakin awesome

  12. Lools fun. About an hour in. Many questions already lol

  13. Hey Sherwin, what's the reason for putting a spirit spring token on the board? I didn't see it get removed or exhausted when it was used. Would there be potentially something else that could remove the token and 'disable' the use of the spirit spring?

  14. Looks great! All that’s missing is a character calling me maidenless 😂

  15. Is there any particular reason why counters on Health, Traits, and Hand size are from right to left?
    Just seems a bit confusing and counter-intuitive to what we are all used to.

  16. Will there be more colour added like in the video game? The video game is full of bright, beautiful, colourful vistas and characters throughout. It would be a shame to miss out on that in favour of a dark theme.

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