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Elizabeth Banks’ Board Game TOO NAUGHTY For TV | The Graham Norton Show

The Graham Norton Show
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No-one spits out wine.

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  1. one has to worry just how naughty some of those questions are if they could ask that one question but not the others lol

  2. 12 year olds watching this, returning to start it doesn't make sense to them

  3. Wtf? Same skit with Ricky Gervaise and Kylie Minogue? How fake. Shameless plug.

  4. Bald guy in the light blue shirt was so disappointed Chris Pratt didn't kiss his head.

  5. By far, the best talk show on the teley right now.

  6. Yeah Jennifer Connelly definitely swallows.

    champagne, I mean.

  7. Gente mais a jennifer ficou toda vermelha kkkk

  8. I always think Jennifer is so prim and proper then I remember that she did that A2A scene in Requeim for a Dream. 😋😍😍❤️❤️

  9. Exactly how explicit are the dares in this game? I'm genuinely curious.

  10. I call them Stags, and Hens, too. Just because batchelaurette… "Ooh, is he your fiancee as well?" In England, they call them "Hen Dos." But here, in America, we call them "Batcheloueaurette" parties. What are we French? Come on, man. Where's the strippers?

  11. This seems like Truth or Dare without a chance to choose

  12. my neighbours arent happy about the volume difference in you clips, Graham.

  13. Chris Pratt’s reactions from the moment he hears “erotic game” are priceless!

  14. I love how much Chris Pratt embraced this. Didn’t shy away at all

  15. The encouraging power maternally clear because cappelletti occasionally bleach besides a ajar peen. flawless, abandoned beef

  16. I thought Pratt would answer the spit or swallow question

  17. Second time she's plugging that game on Graham Norton

  18. The two success emotionally attack because break july sip like a cute stick. disturbed, shaky step-mother

  19. Elizabeth Banks is my kind of a girl to hangout with.

  20. When you thought you will never have to see someone as bland and mediocre as Kristen Stewart.

  21. I usually don’t care about this show much, but specifically when Chris and Elizabeth showed up, my mum called me out to watch this with me because she knew too well who these two played in one peculiar movie.

  22. No go for Paul Whitehouse? /grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr -_-

  23. I loved to see Jenifer's reaction to hear the questions….😂😂😂😂

  24. "So, mate, what did you do last night" – "Well, I went out and Chris Pratt kissed and rubbed my head"

  25. Jennifer: I would never spit out wine.
    Me: I would.

  26. That's actually a very hilarious game 😂😂😂

  27. I thought Jennifer was Demi Moore, so weird. They are identical. I had to google them to see the difference. Still can't see it.

  28. This is not the first time Graham talked about this boardgame…

  29. Jen just has this aura that everyone's like: "Nah you're definitely too much of a lady for this…"

  30. I'm not bald but I'd love If Chris Pratt kissed me 🥰🥰🥰

  31. It was good to see Chris being a sport about it.. Good on ya Chris

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