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Ep 3 – We Turned New Zealand Into a Real-Life Board Game

Jet Lag: The Game
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Created by Adam Chase, Sam Denby, and Ben Doyle
Featuring Toby Hendy (@tibees)
Editing by Adam Chase, Ben Doyle, Henry Ariza
Motion Graphics by Lili Pereira, Dom Burgess , João Pessegueiro, Parker Simmons, Derek Brown, Elise Heersink, Sara Stoltman, Max Moser
Audio by Manni Simon, Donovan Bullen
Supervising Producer Graham Haerther
Artwork by Simon Buckmaster


  1. This easily the best series of jet lag yet, and I'm not just saying thst because I'm a kiwi!

  2. Missed opportunity to add in a Snack Zone graphic when Ben said he wanted to eat a glow worm

  3. 23:35 technically they didn't eat at McDonald's, since they left the property before the hash browns were consumed.

  4. Nick Drysdale - Real Estate Tauranga says:

    Sorry same but that wasn’t a drop goal 😂 a drop goal the ball must hit the ground before you kick it. What you did was a ‘punt’

  5. Don’t they have to stay at the McDonald’s until they ate their item

  6. The out of context editing is so funny in this episode

  7. has the girl seriously not played rugby before? I thought she was a kiwi? obviously not, she can't kick a rugby ball!

  8. Imagine if the challenge at the Caves was to eat glow worms 💀

  9. Hate to say it but that wasn’t a drop goal, ball needs to touch the floor before your foot for it to count!

  10. It took me so long to realise why you're destroying rings, god! 😂🤦🏼‍♀️ It seemed so random at first.

  11. Why does Sam have a hat with the Amtrak logo?

  12. WDV's channel of Geography and Sport says:

    As a rugby player, watching them try scoring drop goals is extremely hard.

  13. Going in Flip Flops to a cave is not very responsible idea. Please do not advertise behavior like that.

  14. I see the curse was eat AT the next three McDonald’s 👀 naughty Sam and Toby going through the drive thru and eating in the car

  15. Never have I ever seen someone drop kick a rugby ball by waiting for it to bounce before kicking 😂

  16. Literally not a drop goal lol it has to hit the ground before you kick it like that's literally the MAIN RULE of a drop goal

  17. Why can't Sam actually complete a task? Meant to eat three things AT Mcdonalds not buy then drive. And were not having fun at the arcade, just sat there. The only thing bad about this series is his compulsion to win and sacrificing doing the tasks properly

  18. Did no one else notice the clock right at the start that had the correct time on it?

  19. This is definatly the best series yet do this style more!!

  20. What app are they using to track the opposite team? You can see it at 22:10? Any ideas?

  21. This has got to be the most scripted “competition” I’ve ever seen! 😂 I’m a Nebula subscriber and still love to watch though lol

  22. for the 100th time .. those writers who write the rules should NOT participate in the game.

  23. I was so certain that the Snack Boyz had some ring-shaped snack with them anyway. Disappointed 😮

  24. So many tours of NZ are 20 mins of "here's Auckland, here's somewhere else, add some quick scenery shots, goodbye" – I'm so happy you've taken three episodes to just get through Northland and into Auckland! This trip is roughly NY-Miami by road in minimum distance, plus the detours/challenges, and a ferry to the South Island – cannot wait to see the rest of your journey!

  25. im not watching until they all come out so i can binge watch

  26. They r not eating "at" MC do rather they took the meal from it

  27. Hello, Humans
    Many things await you in life. Don't let one of them be stress. No matter what any human says, mental stress is a choice. Make the choice to be strong. You don't need medicine or pills, what you need, is already within you.


  28. I have to say, that “drop goal” shouldn’t count. The ball is supposed to touch the ground. What you did was a punt.

  29. lmao imagine being down in Auckland CBD and seeing a bunch of Americans shooting at each other with nerf guns 🤣

  30. I'll be honest, while some challenges are cheated a bit, I think that just adds to the excitement and drama of this series. Try to make some of the cards even more specific next time, but don't let that get in the way of making a good show!

  31. I hope Ben has to get intoxicated along this seasons.

  32. I believe you are singing the one by Willie Nelson and can Google it. Back on the road again.

  33. Tyler Perry's A Madea Vegetable Christmas ©️2013

  34. Both teams are so fun! This is definitely my favorite series from Jet Lag so far. So excited for next weeK

  35. The Big Ben clock at 1:52 was actually made by my great-grandfather with instructions from popular mechanics. Kinda cool this appeared in a random youtube video that was recommended to me….also cool to know it is still on display at Claphams after all these years.

  36. A penalty should have applied for the drop goal challenge. According to all law and convention of rugby union, the ball needs to hit the ground before it is kicked. You were both unbelievably bad at it and it should have been a disaster of a challenge on the scale of digging the hole in the first episode. Yet it wasn’t because you made the challenge easier. Has this ruined the game?

  37. I love Ben and Adam taking the eastern route can be summed up by the quote "What you can't take away from me is that I had an absolutely lovely day."

  38. ok. callout. they didn't drop-kick it. a drop kick consists of the ball hitting the ground before you kick it so necisarily that isnt a drop-kick. that should be a 45. min stop due to the veto time.

  39. Love this season!!! I do think it would have been fun if the trackers were always turned off EXCEPT for notifying the other team when they completed a challenge. That would add a little bit of game theory and whatnot instead of knowing exactly where everyone currently is

  40. 23:30 They don't have to order something at McDonalds. The card says that each team member has to eat something, it didn't specify it has to be McDonalds.

  41. If you want to hear our reactions to all the controversies this episode created when it released last week on Nebula, including but not limited to…
    – What counts as eating at McDonald's
    – What counts as a handstand
    – What counts as a drop goal
    – What counts as rolling a die
    …make sure to listen to our Nebula exclusive podcast, the Layover!: http://nebula.tv/thelayover

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