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Ep 8 – We Turned New Zealand Into a Real-Life Board Game

Jet Lag: The Game
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Created by Adam Chase, Sam Denby, and Ben Doyle
Featuring Toby Hendy (@tibees )
Editing by Adam Chase, Ben Doyle, Henry Ariza
Motion Graphics by Lili Pereira, Dom Burgess , João Pessegueiro, Parker Simmons, Derek Brown, Elise Heersink, Sara Stoltman, Max Moser
Audio by Manni Simon, Donovan Bullen
Supervising Producer Graham Haerther
Artwork by Simon Buckmaster


  1. Watching the football (I refuse to call it soccer) World Cup from New Zealand. Since the games starter I’ve had the Okiahau express stuck in my head. I wonder why …

  2. The boys obviously didn't understand the dangers of New Zealand water (surf, river currents) when they designed the challenges. In the old days, drowning was called the New Zealand disease. Very smart they vetoed the Haast river crossing. That could easily have killed one of them. Haast River is verrrry cold water. A bigger than average wave (common) at the beach could have easily gotten Adam.

  3. Seeing Toby run to the rock while whispering the order was delightful

  4. Is really no-one gonna question how they ate weet-bix?

  5. 22:38 My favorite rock is the one under the bottommost tip of the base of that arrow pointing to your fav rock. Its a good rock.

  6. Wow that was amazing thanks for showing a fun way to see my own back yard 😉

  7. Just binge watched this whole season and loved it…

  8. Adam leaving his jacket at the start started a huge snowball effect of close Ls, coin shortages, bad routes and road blocks from being behind and they STILL barely lost with Toby and Sam skipping 2 challenges sheesh. #goats

  9. I really enjoyed watching this, Toby was an absolute delight! I gotta admit, the design feels like it favors the leaders pretty heavily. Roadblocks are only useful to the leader and disincentivize using cleared challenges to catch up. Being in the lead preserves access to more points and choice of challenges, as well.

    Nevertheless, it was really cool to see how close it could've been at the end, well done to all the competitors, and see you all in the Snack Zone!

  10. and it was all because of adams jacket 💀💀

  11. i cant believe they ate weetabix like that. even though they couldnt really put it in milk and honey, still lol

  12. Would it be cheating if Ben and Adam threw the ball while walking across the bridge? They are technically on dry land and they would cross the river easily.

  13. 6:15 Thats not how your supposed to eat Weet-Bix!!!!! They're a cereal!!!!

  14. i feel a sam win was long over due. ben and adam have won basically everything else (except i have not yet watched the ctf across japan or the connect 4 across america yet so idk but still)

  15. Those weet-bix would have been perfect for Harris Wittels 😢

  16. i liked these types of videos so far because they feel like stuff that would be on television but of course with way less ads and what felt like a non scripted content. obviously i don't know how many curses there are in total but the fact that they pulled the ONE curse that would've made the last episode interesting is very suspicious. something similar happened during the finale of season 1 so and it's really unfortunate. i thought i was finally watching high quality non scripted content but yeah,it looks like it's not the case

  17. Adam throwing a freddie mercury for a van who turned on a road is so funny

  18. I'll be honest I can't figure out how the gap ended up so wide, if the detour forced on Sam and Toby was of 2 and a half hours, and the jump was supposed to take another 2 and a half hours, that's extra 5 hours time, Ben and Adam suffered 2 hours delay during that time but were otherwise supposed to be 40 minutes behind and that's not counting the extra time Sam and Toby had on their missions which they actually did.
    Like… what happened? what did I miss? did Ben and Adam run around that river for over 2 hours before they veto? did the starfish eat 2 hours of their life? what's going on?
    And if not forced to take the detour, would Sam and Toby just finish half a day or more earlier?
    They also mentioned the challenges of the west are easy or should be easy, but other than potentially the fishing one, they all clearly seemed harder?
    Well anyway I am not sure I really get it but what an amazing adventure.
    You know this looked really fun, I really wish I could do something like that.
    Also I gotta say this is just a really good show, I watched so many seasons in a row binging it, tag across Europe is my favorite (I wish you made it a week rather than 3 days, it was just so good I could watch it twice)

    Man I gotta find someone willing to do something like that with me, not even as a race, just do odd tasks from a card deck while visting odd locations, it looks like so much planning but wow.
    Congratulations on just a fanatastic series, I just love it.

  19. I must be losing my vision, or it was the camera but none of those bras looked green.

  20. Honestly it was a great season. But I feel like underdog opportunities just weren't there. Since the team in the lead gets all the coins and can lay road traps it just meant that either the underdog (the further behind team) take a bad path or follow and get road blocked and get no coins to slow the team ahead. I felt like Adam and Ben had so much fewer coins than Toby and Sam, and there wasnt much they could do about it.

  21. lol weet bix is supposed to be eaten with milk like u would with a cereal

  22. Adam naughty on his phone whilst driving is illegal.

  23. Ben and Adam just rawdogging weetbix an absolute highlight

  24. Toby remembering the Elephant Rocks is like Plankton playing the harmonica.

  25. This was the worst reason. I really hate all the cheating from Sam. There should really be a penalty for it!!! Loved Ben and Adam, they were always positive, even when they knew they have lost. Sam should work on the attitude…. It's a GAME and a game should be fun. Also, it should be fobidden to use two roadblocks in a short time like in this reason.

  26. I hate the rock that you pointed at. My favorite rock is the rock at the bottom of the arrow

  27. This is sooo cool! One the one hand I want to do this, too. On the other hand I think this seems so stressful 😅
    But is there any place, where I find the full card with all challenges, so that I am could recreate the game by myself? This would be soooo cool!

  28. Great playing by both teams!
    I will say, even though ben and adam made a few mistakes, i feel like it was almost impossible to catch up. The team in the lead definitely gained more advantages with roadblocks and more coins

  29. With the river pass, all i was thinking was, wet shoes, is better then rocks.

  30. We eat weet bix as a cereal with milk. That was funny to see

  31. this season was awesome! such a unique game.. and specially loved the ending at 52:00

  32. Absolutely loved Sam and Toby. Please bring Toby back for another season she’s so cool.

  33. watching them just crunch on some dry ass wheat bix made me die inside a little. It's supposed to be eaten with milk as cereal, as the milk softens it. It's like oatmeal, because it doesn't taste of much you put toppings (sorta) with it. Most people I know just put a spoon of sugar or honey to sweeten it, maybe a bit of fruit sometimes, in.

    also, Why does everyone seem to think these AI powered apps are magical and can just identify something from any old picture you have of it? You usually need a very well lit and specifically framed and angled picture that the app or whatever will normally include guidelines about on how to get the highest chance of a positive identification. A lot of plants have very similar features and the ai is likey trained on pictures of the entire plants so will struggle to extrapolate from just a picture of leaves etc. In fact there are two plants here in the UK that are almost identical but one is a commonly foraged edible and delicious plant and the other is highly toxic. I believe it's mostly the stems that distinguish them.

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