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Everdell Farshore – Board Game Review – VALUE FOR MONEY?!?!

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Everdell Farshore – Board Game Review – VALUE FOR MONEY?!?!

Minor font issue on Verdict transition – that was Premiere Pro’s fault, it just did that random for no reason!

The Forever Sea is calling…

The rugged coast north of Everdell Valley is a land brimming with adventure and mystery. Stalwart sailors search for bountiful islands and valuable treasures. Dutiful monks inhabit abbeys and scriptoriums, meticulously translating and illuminating. Hard-working folk gather resources and build their cities in unison with the ever-changing waves of the mighty ocean.

Welcome to Everdell Farshore, a standalone game set in the country of Farshore. Through each season, you lead a crew of critter workers to build up a prosperous city and to explore the enchanting ocean beyond. You must plan your actions carefully in order to build and to sail, for only by adapting to the winds of change will you succeed.

The wind is high. The sun is breaking the horizon. It is time to set sail for adventure!



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00:00 – Opening Promo
01:14 – Introduction
02:24 – Basic Overview & Game Comparisons
04:30 – The Good Stuff
08:54 – The Bad Things
14:47 – Summary, Verdict & Player Scaling
17:29 – Please Share and Support The Show

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  1. Thanks for the review. It was an honest one, but I think he should have played Everdell and its expansions far more before making such broad conclusions. Rather watch the Dice Tower review for a more balanced assessment.

  2. I have the OG base game of Everdell and had been looking at expansions that were never purchased. Unfortunately lately I haven’t been playing much of anything so…

    On a different and more general note, while watching a livestream of someone playing a video game, someone in chat mentioned they treated themselves to a board game at over $100.00 USD and was shocked when I said that that was the “normal” price for a lot of the larger games…

  3. Everdell was always a cash grav but now they pushed it even further.

  4. Great review and I was highly entertained! Cheers

  5. I am a HUGE Everdell fan. It's my #3 game of all-time and I own everything for it – including the ginormous complete collection box. It is probably my most played competitive game in my collection. I was intrigued when Starling Games announced a "sequel" to Everdell. But then was highly disappointed at Farshore – what basically amounted to a reimplementation of Everdell. Without the same art, less tension, and less rewarding combos and buildup. Like you said it's way too expensive for what it is and there is no reason to own both Everdell (plus expansions) and Farshore. As a big fan of Everdell this did feel like a shameless cash grab trying to capitalize on the Everdell name while putting in very little work to actually create a new game. I know you didn't like Expeditions much but at least that was a true sequel – set in the same world with the same art and different mechanics to allow us to further explore that world. This is the exact opposite – different art in a different part of the "same" world with almost the same exact mechanics. It offers very little new or interesting. Very disappointing.

  6. Not even close to worth the retail price. If inflation and shipping have got so far out of hand that THIS dollar amount is what it takes for a board game company to make a profit, the industry is in real trouble. Hope you are well sir.

  7. There goes Luke… making sure he does not get sent preview copies. 😀
    Good review. Appreciate the honesty.

  8. Its on amazon for 120 CAD so msrp was a lie

  9. Good format for the review… Can't say anything positive about the game or the company behind it though 😒

  10. I am very keen to watch your review of “Dune Imperium Uprising” whenever it comes out in the coming months. Somehow I feel it will fall into the same cash grab bucket.

  11. Cash grab it is. Having and liking Everdell collector's box, my take was from the get-go to wait and see where Farshore is going. How do they incorporate future expansions with the score track running around the outside of the board?? And yes, the anchors rule and the stack rule are already taken over into my OG Everdell games. Great and honest review, as always. Thanks for this and keep up the good work.

  12. Thanks Luke, this was on my essentials list, you just saved me some coin……..that I can now spend on other games

  13. Completely agree with your value for money views. I guess I’m in a similar position – singleton tax accountant, so relatively affluent rather than rich, and I’m put off any game that approaches £100 – well, anything over £50 rarely looks good value given how many great games can be bought for less. And no doubt we both have HNW clients – but few of them have no concept of value for money and are willing to chuck money about irregardless of cost. For the vast majority of people, buying a board game is a financial decision, and the cost is (or should be) a significant factor. A reviewer who fails to mention cost (and especially those who argue that they are justified in not mentioning cost because “I don’t know how much money you have”) is no good for me. I view them as people who are getting games for free, are hyping the board gaming hobby in general and not providing useful consumer reviews – fine if you like that sort of thing, but it’s not for me. So keep on doing what you’re doing – you’re doing it the right way.

  14. Excellent stuff as always Luke. It does seem like a lot of games of this quality are heading for that price point.

  15. Cheers Luke, you're really easily one of the best (if not the best) reviewer out there right now.

    Legit, honest thoughts and your game taste is spot on.

  16. I am one of the weirdos that likes the tree but I agree I don't need or want it as I have Everdell.

  17. I've already got everything for Everdell. This seems like an unnecessary cash grab on theme and very minor, non-earth shattering mechanics.

  18. I feel like I’m required to say, “Tell us how you really feel” after that cardboard lighthouse takedown.😅

  19. I know I am in the minority on this.. but I think that original Everdell's artwork is 1000 times better than that of Farshore. I don't like the colour palette and the layout of the cards.. nor the colours of the resources. I find the whole aesthetic a bit meh compared to og Everdell.

    Oh and yeah.. Farshore is a real cash grab. A couple of semi interesting little twists in there that I couldn't care less for.

  20. I like it, but I agree the price is too high and yep I don't use the lighthouse, it's for sure useless!

  21. Knowing what this game is I would still consider buying it on sale if I can get one question answered: is there sufficient variability in the cards to give a lot of replay value? If it's the same as base Everdell I'm not sure it will hold up enough beyond five plays for me. The producers said there is no expansion planned for the foreseeable future. They have three other standalone games set in the same world coming out over the next year and a half, but beyond that they won't make predictions. So it's possible this is it for Farshore. I can't guess how much replay value is in there.

  22. It’s made for people like me who don’t want to spend $300 to go all in on Everdell. I got it for $65 preorder!

  23. Yikes. I’ve seen better productions with more components from indy companies cost half what this does.

  24. Oh boy, you didn’t hold anything back, Luke, and rightly so. Pass.

  25. Thanks for sharing your opinions – think you've reinforced what I already thought about no real reason for getting this one when I own Everdell so an easy pass from me.

  26. The graphics design on Farshore has really let the game down. I much prefer the artwork from regular Everdell, but the actual graphics design and layout are the biggest offenders here and make the artwork look worse than it actually is. Game is fun, but…

  27. 👉 BUY YOUTUBE VIEWS 👉 Link in Bio says:

    Thumbs up if you're watching from a different country!

  28. I really dislike the artwork and graphic design of farshore. Such a let down! Pearlbrook for example, which also has a water theme, is sooooooooo much better. All that beige and primary colors in farshore just do not work for me here 😔

  29. Yea the preorder price was 75$ over here which did include shipping. I haven’t played the game yet. Hope it’s good!

  30. Always appreciate your honest reviews. Keep going!

  31. Thanks for taking the time to do this video Luke. Always enjoy how in-depth you go when you review a game.

  32. Totally agree. Like you, I enjoy Everdell. We played Farshore at GenCon, and thought it was a nice variation. I couldn't imagine paying 100 dollars for it (let alone 100 pounds). Given the success of Everdell, they should release this at a discounted price!

  33. Good comparison with Empires of the North… that also has great wooden resources in a functional tray… and is available for well under £40!

    I agree the price here is just staggering. I thought it may be the point I jump on and give Everdell a try with this version, but I can’t see any value here at even a £70 price point.

  34. The £99.99 reveal at the start made me laugh. Said it all about the game. Good review although i was expecting a 5/10.

  35. I own everdell and its a nice light(ish) game. Its good to show people a step up in board gaming with an attractive package.
    I only got Bellfaire for it as the other expansions just bloat the game for me.
    Cant believe their new game is just the same again though, down to a cardboard structure to hold meeples but somehow even worse than the tree lol

  36. Unfortunately the trend is over priced and over produced board games.

  37. Great review. We have very similar thoughts on this one. I even got attacked on another channel when I shared them. Some people are just over sensitive cry babies.

    Love that you don't hold back. This world does not need to have everone handle it with kid-gloves.

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