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Everything is political: board games

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Republicans and Democrats understand Monopoly. 

Starring Andrew Heaton and Austin Bragg; written, produced, and edited by Andrew Heaton, Austin Bragg, John Carter, and Meredith Bragg; audio by John Carter; graphics by John Carter, Austin Bragg, and Meredith Bragg.

Photos: Ron Sachs – CNP/Sipa USA/Newscom; Myself248 – Flickr; Freyja Quinn – Flickr; Joe King – Flickr


  1. Comparing Social Security to Jenga is brilliant.

  2. lmao scrabble with Covfefe and Magic the Gunthering

  3. Amazing!
    …..Wait….no Uno?
    I had a feeling you’d miss One!

  4. a political guess who would be really good though.

  5. I have never had a higher level of anxiety while laughing hysterically. On point, boys. As always.

  6. "Dominion… its expensive" that one cracked me up. Having played the card game, I wonder which politician is the witch, possibly Marjorie Taylor Greene or Nancy Pelosi, AOC, Lauren Boebert, so many possibilities.

  7. 😂😂😂

    2 separate spit takes from me in one video.

  8. honestly, Make America Game Again just seems so much more fun

  9. I'm off to 'Make America Game Again'… Less chance of someone taking a dump on the sidewalk!

  10. This was a 60 second concept, but somehow it went for nearly 210 seconds – great work.

  11. hahahaa this is brilliant on so many levels

  12. Who else had to pause this every 2 seconds just to keep up? Maybe I'm getting slow in my old age. You guys really packed in the humor there. We want one of these every week.

  13. Wow, Operation Paperclip! Who even remembers that? Except me, of course.

  14. Reason you have gone too far 😂. I am a boardgame fanatic with the total value of my boardgames exceeding the value of my car. You have ruined a quarter of the boardgames I have ever played 😅. I laughed and cried through this video. However, no loss to my collection. You only covered 1-2 of those so I am still good. At least until the government takes them away from me for some made up reason vaguely connected to part of a law that no body bothered to read. 😅😊

  15. Man, these videos are great. These guys really are amazing.

  16. literally just spoofing my entire collection of board games

  17. You can make fun of everyone, something that most everyone has forgotten.

  18. The irony is D&D IS becoming waaaay more since WOTC took over it's becoming an increasingly divided community

  19. Sadly from what I have seen, you could do a similar sketch with left leaning and right leaning Libertarians. But I don't remember ReasonTV ever doing a sketch mocking themselves. I thought I was Libertarian when I learned their general stance on government. But once I saw the clown show within the party, I realized they are no different but without the power. Unwilling to budge on ideals. Compromise is a 4 letter word. Even the thought of left leaning Libertarians running to fill Democrat seats and right leaning Libertarians running to fill Republican seats is met with a gasp and then a scoff.

  20. Guns with Guns sounds like a fun time tbh…

  21. "We're always lookin' for new players!"
    That timing was just perfect.

  22. How about an voting game?
    MAGA: disqualify all of your opponent's voters before the time runs out.
    D&D: instructions in Spanish.

  23. sangat bagus videomu salam kenal dan sukses dari indonesia

  24. I mean, Wizards of the coast are pretty much "Dungeons and Democrats" now

  25. Yeah as a board game designer, this is too accurate!! 😂😂

  26. Well, I wasn't looking for a new gun, but I should maybe take a look anyway…

  27. I don't who's better …. Reason or The Babylon Bee…..

  28. My sides are splitting with laughter. With guns! Well done lads; well done.

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