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Explaining a Board Game

Aunty Donna
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Last year, our best friend Rove got us to make some sketches for him, most of which you guys have never seen. Since we’re still working on some very exciting new stuff that you can’t see for a few more months, we thought we’d put these sketches up for you all to enjoy. This sketch about board games you may have caught on telly, but there’s some never-before-seen ones on the way xo

New video from this series every Thursday 7pm AEST for the next 5 weeks. Enjoy!



  1. Oh lord this is so shit, you can't even come up with a joke can you? There are SO MANY to make, and you made 0.

  2. Everyone learning shengji for the first time

  3. These guys have big forehead (compliment).

  4. I just wish I had people to play with lol

  5. It's a little known fact that the allies actually used the Don Quixote card to defeat the axis powers

  6. I've been all three of these people depending on the game and it's always unfun to be there haha. But ONCE YOU REALIZE, you're good to go.

  7. I feel bad for the person who has to clean up this table and sort all pieces back to their respective games

  8. "Thunderstruck" was written by which band?"
    "No, you're not supposed to say the band name."
    I definitely felt attacked there…

  9. Why is there a boom in the shot at 0:35? I'm starting to think this is not real

  10. You need to do this BUT can't do this UNLESS you do this AND that AND IF this happens THEN that happens BUT not UNTIL this happens IN WHICH CASE that happens DEPENDENT ON WHETHER this AND that happens OTHERWISE this AND that happens BUT ONLY BEFORE this happens AND THEN AFTER that happens BUT you also have to have this TO EXCHANGE for that AND only then can the win conditions be met.

    Now you know how to play YuGiOh.

  11. This I what it’s like explaining Monopoly to people who make up their own rules for Monopoly…

  12. Brilliant Satirical surrealism
    Auntie Donna new python boosh

  13. Statement on world economic madness get more
    Play again
    Each Player makes it about them anyone?

  14. this is one of the unfunniest things on netflix, and that's saying something because the big bang theory is also on netflix

  15. "I have to go in half an hour" is the most relatable part

  16. I played Catan once and won, refuse to play again. 100% win rate! All time champ, baby!

  17. It’s late at night and I fell half asleep partway through and I opened my eyes to them in dragon masks idk what just happened

  18. 1:57 so the game has Catan tiles, chess pieces, Magic the Gathering cards, spanish cards, Monopoly currency, dices, an hour glass… am I missing something else? lmao

  19. Explaining board games isn't that hard. Just don't start with the most complex games with someone who never played any board games.

  20. This is exactly how I felt my first year playing euro board games. Especially "want to play again? Yes, yes I do!"

  21. "You're difficult to be around"
    The nicest thing my mother ever said to me.

  22. I generally just own complicated boardgames to play solo … I hate to explain a game to other people lol.

    but I dont mind to play games with other though

  23. 😭😭🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 "you're difficult to be around"

  24. ᜃᜆᜒᜉᜓᜈᜈ᜔ ᜈᜅ᜔ᜑᜒᜋᜄ᜔ᜐᜒᜃᜈ᜔ says:

    I love how there was no pay off for his question "have you seen Back to the Future?"

  25. As a board game developer I've realized I'm in danger of making a game to like happen😬

  26. "You're difficult to be around" felt a bit too real.

  27. I immediately got excited about the catan pieces

  28. Digit lumberjack and you have 1000 wood. Wololooooo

  29. This was me this past new years eve…. "Why have I been collecting TOOLS all game???"… "Once I realized… NEXT time…"

  30. “Your difficult to be around” is the new line I will use for everyone…


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