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Explaining a Board Game

Aunty Donna
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Last year, our best friend Rove got us to make some sketches for him, most of which you guys have never seen. Since we’re still working on some very exciting new stuff that you can’t see for a few more months, we thought we’d put these sketches up for you all to enjoy. This sketch about board games you may have caught on telly, but there’s some never-before-seen ones on the way xo

New video from this series every Thursday 7pm AEST for the next 5 weeks. Enjoy!



  1. This happens half-way through every game of betrayal

  2. I imagine this is what it's like to work at a cryptocurrency company that has 8 billion coins, 500 million market cap, and somehow 0 liquidity all for undisclosed for fraudulent reasons, while you get paid in company stock which is actually a form of debt held on books in a shell-company in a mailbox-office in some tax-haven along the European continental border. You could've worked at an actual company but you had to burn a hole in your CV for this 'tech start-up' that steals code from underperforming cryptos. You exit with minimum wage returns, and a story no one will understand or care for.

    Okay, I have to go.

  3. At the very beginning of the video, broden had a "Magic the gathering" card!!!!!!!

  4. "Attack"….."No, no, no, no, no, no, no. So you wanna…see how the dog lands on the side". This is me playing every board game ever with my board game loving friends. I really enjoy them, just not for 40 hours straight.

  5. "if you're the fascist, keep that card to yourself"

    i've never heard those set of words put in a sentence together yet they fit so well.

  6. Literally me playing monopoly for the first time

  7. Practically everyone finishes their explanation with everyone agreeing that we will just start play, and then it will make sense lol

  8. "you're difficult to be around" just sent me to another plain

  9. “You’re difficult to be around” lmaooooo

  10. Is the fact that one of them is wearing a really bad wig, one of them had pinhead disease, and one of them is named 'Broden' part of the bit or just a weird coincidence?

  11. You forgot about when two people argue fiercely over a minor rule for an hour and everyone else wants to die.

  12. Also the:

    "You explaining the rules is taking too long let's just play to learn"
    10 mins later…
    "I can't do that!! Why didn't you say so before!!?"

  13. This reminds me of a dream I had where someone was teaching me their version of Monopoly where they'd shuffled MTG cards into the decks and you had to summon monsters to defend your properties or something.

  14. the whole point of the game that it is confusing

  15. why did i remember the 'don quiote' line as him saying 'the donkey card'

  16. You need the wood to win the game. I don’t know why those two were finding it so complicated.

  17. Can’t say the band name is the best part

  18. This is too real, and 100% why I stopped playing board games.

  19. Always tricky when the sword of Cthulhudor is out

  20. “You’re difficult to be around.”

  21. "You're difficult to be around," is one of the best lines of dialogue I think I've ever heard.

  22. We’ve all played games with someone who is “difficult to be around”.

  23. pov trying to get the housmates to play dnd

  24. This is absolutely absurd and at the same time all too real.

  25. I like it when a board game is over and you can finally tell your stategies to the other players that you had to keep a secret

  26. "You're difficult to be around." I felt that. So much.

  27. I love how the table is just a big heap of parts from other games like Catan, Chess and Monopoly

  28. bruv FUCKING LOPUISRE (please, drunkenly) cna you guys come an personaly srvice me, (i mean i paid for a show in sydney but obvs that aint gonna happen anytime soon) only just want ti experience the woram friendly manbeast warmth of the warming best (you guys(mark you are reading at least)are tah best)

  29. That hair and those glasses make dude look like Schlitzie.

  30. idk why but the first 100 times I watched this my brain thought zach was saying "donkey OD" instead of don quixote lmao

  31. Basically every European board game ever!

  32. The Secret Hitler part is exactly how every first time play of that game goes. Then there's always the ones where "we're playing the first game open handed" except the one guy who has no idea how to play but is taking it extremely serious.

  33. I need a pain in the ass friend that makes me play dumb-shit board games. The game looks terrible, but the experience looks like a blast.

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