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Explaining The Rules To The Board Game “Capitalism” 💸

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  1. Capitalism: everyone who made the game is winning, there is no point in playing

    Communism: everyone who made the game has won. There is no point in playing.

  2. Says the group that is profiting from it

  3. The "the game already started you were born into it" really speaks to and reminds me of the trauma that it gave me to think/realise ( think/realise cause it was kinda impossible for me back then to genuinely really know how much and where this applies irl) as a kid that everything I fvcking owned could very likely have been made by people who were living in subpar conditions and being payed a subpar amount of money to either make those things or get the materials for them, and that shit really didn't fair well with my already terrible self-esteem and the impression I had of myself being a parasite because I struggled to do things cause of my mental illness that I didn't even know was mental illness and I just thought was me being unable to do anything and the fact that I was well off enough to be able to be incompetent without it completely ruining my life also making me a parasite (cause the capitalist beliefs of worth already made me think as a kid if I couldn't do basic things to be of service I shouldn't get to be on this earth around other people who are inexplicably able to do the things I can't 💖) and how me having access to these cheap things was me taking advantage of people's poverty when like if anything I'd be my parents responsibility to provide me with ethically made things and the manufacturers responsibility to make things ethically and the states responsibility to make sure things sold or made under their supervision are ethical 💀 Knowing how inescapable capitalism is and how bad shit just happens even when it's something we know of (such as things we buy being made unethically and still getting bought or sometimes people not even having a choice for money reasons but otherwise also because we're just desentizised to it) really fvcked my head.
    Sorry kind of a bummer but it just unlocked this highly specific memory in me jdhajdbsj

  4. i thought he was gonna explain it like monopoly

  5. If I was Brennan I would've just described the rules to Monopoly

  6. "Explain the rules to the board game 'capitalism'" *pulls out Monopoly's rulebook

  7. First rule, if your parents won, you win automatically.

  8. The coward/brave swings of Soup's character are super jarring, but he's a great warrior. 😂 👍

  9. Funny.. but untrue.. my family came from nothing and my grand da started a business, now none of us really work rather then head to the business for the morning then go golf and eat..
    Anyone can get there if you find what people want and sell it to them.. not expecting the government to magically give it to you

  10. "People will have so many things and so much free time that all of their problems will be self induced."

  11. I ain't got the poor status effect, I got the "I view work as nothing but a hobby" status effect.
    It leaves you unable to get the poor status effect and the rich status effect, unless you end up with an event that cancels the status effect and replaces it with some horrible status effects that will end up with you amassing a multitude of other negative status effects.

  12. I would vote for Brennan just to see what he would do.

  13. "The fun part is that the game has already started. You were born into it and the socioeconomic status of your family largely determines your player class and starting equipment. The game has several difficulty levels and you don't get to choose them, they are chosen for you when you're born. You have a 1 in 50,000,000 chance of bypassing the glass ceiling and becoming one of the game administrators, but you can only do this once your morality and ethics scores have dropped to zero and your accumulated wealth has exceeded a billion dollars. Good luck."

  14. I would just like to mention, since both videos showed up in my feed, Brennan is wearing the same shirt he had on during the 'Ghost of Saint Patrick's day past' episode.

  15. Ludwig Von Mises was way better at explaining to people, about the power and the freedom.
    That a free market, with no interference from a governing body, gives the actually everyday person.

  16. Monopoly was originally invented to show how unsustainable capitalism is. It was designed to be a warning.

  17. "Explain the rules to the board game Capitalism"

    Me: *starts explaining Monopoly* 😂

  18. Perfect description. I Hope he mentioned the phase of the game called “adulting”.

  19. "The game has already started. And you're already losing."

  20. Infinite money glitch in 3 easy steps
    1) Go to bank
    2) Deposit $1,000,000
    3) get a loan for $1,000,000
    You now have $2,000,000

    You won't because you suck at the game, filthy casual

  21. Capitalism explained by someone who doesn't understand capitalism

  22. I like that, often, the writing team is like "Oh Brennan's on this episode? Great! Now what are we gonna get him to rant about this time?"
    I honestly prefer the old timey prospector getting into crypto though, as well as comrad cop ("RUN, MOTHERFUCKER, RUN!"). I think this one is missing a bit of… flare.

  23. I grew up poor, and now I am not. It's funny what hard work does in the capitalism game.

  24. You take what they give you give away what you have to and the difference is yours

  25. Another lefty that did not pay attention in high school economics class. Hahaha so funny.

  26. Tell me you don't know what capitalism is without telling me you don't know what capitalism is.

  27. Rules for the game of Communism: If you roll high enough, you might get food! Just for today, you have to roll again tomorrow. XP

  28. I like it cuz while he did make it political (it was impossible not to😂) he didn’t take it to far and still kept it funny

  29. Bruh what was that "YaAA" at the beginning though

  30. "there are multiple events that can occur within the time frame of the game, the biggest most harmful event is government regulation"

  31. I was so ready for him to just start explaining monopoly but this was somehow better lmao

  32. if you are black you lose your turn for 300 years

  33. The way you win the game is by decreasing government regulation so a free market can make it easier to get into bisness and have more options to buy from.

  34. If your reading this you lost the game

  35. funny how that description also works for the board game Socialism

  36. I lost the game. And no, I'm not talking about capitalism. I'm talking about the game.

  37. How to say you dont understand capitalism without say it

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