Exploding Worms, Dead Parrots, Reprint Royalty & MORE! - Board Game News! - cutlassboardgame.com

Exploding Worms, Dead Parrots, Reprint Royalty & MORE! – Board Game News!

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The latest official card, board, and tabletop game news for July 2023.


Two rival aviators of the First World War, duel each other in Biplanes across the sky!


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  1. Bunny Kingdom would be fun to try on BGA! We have always played the physical version of it. It's one of the earlier games we played that introduced several concepts of modern board gaming to us.

  2. That avatar game reminds me, did Rodney ever find out what a Zuko is?

  3. Super pumped to see how Worms will work. Played a ton on PC as a kid. Maybe there will be a sneak peek at GenCon

  4. I love Sushi Roll! When I got my Kickstarter delivery for Steam Up: A Feast of Dim Sum, my friends and I played Steam Up, Sushi Go, and Sushi Roll back to back that evening. Great night of fun games.

  5. Also played a lot of worms as a chaotic fun time on PC, so hoping the board game can recreate that feeling!

  6. Great video! Always love the news! 🗞️ 📰

  7. Been playing worms for years. I will eagerly be anticipating this one.

  8. 1. +1 to Klaus.
    2. CHUGGA CHUGGA should be a new Twitch channel emote …

  9. EL GRANDE, !? Be still my beating heart 😮

  10. Cats being like board games…hmmm at least my board games are not complaining that their food has a tiny hole in the center.

  11. Father Ted! The best show ever! What do you say to a nice cuppa tea?

  12. Thanks to this video I have followed the Worms Kickstarter and finally pre-ordered the Funko ATLA game I've been watching for about a week now.

    I just convinced someone to watch ATLA with me for his first watch through (my 100th maybe?). I'm excited to play this with him when we finish it!

  13. A new El Grande? Yes please, thank you.
    I have this thing about collecting classic games that still hold up.

  14. I won't lie, when I first saw the cover of MORDRED my brain read it as MURDERED. Not sure what that says about me.

  15. Wait, how do you play as The Lumberjack in Zombiecide? You can't die because you're the lumberjack and you're okay. I'll see myself out.

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