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February 2022 Board Games on Crowdfunding

Tantrum House
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Kevin talks about upcoming board games on Kickstarter and Gamefound all of February 2022.

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Feb 1 Seas of Havoc
Feb 1 Rogue Angels
Feb 1 Hand to Hand Wombat
Feb 1 Monsters and the things that destroy them
Feb 1 Trekking through History
Feb 2 Evolution: New World
Feb 7 Unfair Expansion
Feb 8 Rolling Heights
Feb 8 Wreckland Run
Feb 8 Find it book
Feb 8 Floating Floors
Feb 8 Iron Forest
Feb 8 Silicon Valley
Feb Changan
Feb 15 Behext
Feb 15 Earth
Feb 15 Sum8
Feb 15 Frozen Frontier
Feb 21 51st state master set
Feb 22 Tidal Blades Part 2 – Rise of the Unfolders
Feb 22 Ahau
Feb 22 Tang Gardens seasons
Feb 22 Rumors and Legends
Feb 2022 Kingdoms Forlorn


  1. I liked the full month in one video. Worked out great!

  2. Unsettled by Orange Nebula is scheduled for 2/22. Looks like a reprint and likely new planets.

  3. I like 2 videos a month a bit better, more likely to have more games in the second half if you wait to hear from it. More than 20 games in the first half and only 6 in the second seems off to me, you would probably have more game than 6 if you wait a couple more weeks for the second half. But that's just my opinion 🙂

  4. As much as you know is much preferred! I update my savings watchlist based on your videos.

  5. 51st State and Rolling Heights all in. 🙂

  6. I like the look of next month and I like seeing more games!

  7. Thank you for including my game, Rogue Angels, on your list – much appreciated 🙂
    For anyone who wants a quick 9 min preview of the game –> NinjaGeek Games has you covered here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0g6_bKWc0H4
    And I am of course open for any questions.
    Best regards Emil

  8. I am fine with this format. But prefer the regular two half format. I would be good either way

  9. So many interesting games coming next month! Earth has an amazing cover, would love to know more about the gameplay. Silicon Valley also has a nice theme, I like modern day settings, so I hope that one will do well. I've been seeing adverstiments for Ahau for months now, looks like a great euro game. Probably going to skip La Granja this week to save money for the three I just mentioned..

  10. I prefer thr way its been. 1st half then 2nd half

  11. Either way is fine with me. I haven’t backed a crowdfunded game in many months. I was proud of my self-control, but after this list, I can see that it is going to get a lot harder to resist.

  12. Hmm the only one of interest is Rolling Heights. Really looking forward to that one.

  13. Original way unless in 2 weeks you go over second half again. Thanks for all the great content your team gives us!!

  14. @ 4:52, it sounded like “Silicone Valley”…..which I got to tell you sounds like a totally different game than “Silicon Valley”. Lol. Totally different vibe just by changing one small letter.
    Great video, Tantrum House always puts out videos that are very informative and this is one of my “Go to” content creators for learning about upcoming board games.

  15. Feb will be a big month for me — I'll be backing La Granja, Tidal Blades, and Unfair. Unfair is a top-5 game for me! I'll be receiving Its a Wonderful Kingdom, My Father's Work, and Wonderland's War.

  16. 5:45, Earth looks like Ark Nova. Both seem similar to Terraforming Mars.

  17. Good stuff! I like the full month preview, but would definitely like to see a mid-month update as well…as there will always be things that move, get added, etc.

  18. Really enjoyed hearing all the games in Feb! Cheers

  19. To be honest none of the 24 presented KS is of interest for me. But there is one game which I will back in February.
    On Feb 15th Trinity of Reigns.

  20. For Earth, who is publishing it and did you say cheating or chaining?

  21. Rolling Heights should do pretty well, but Kingdoms Forlorn is gonna blow up. Should be fun to see what they are going to present for it.

  22. Earth looks great. But I dig those big tableau building games… Also want to get the new La Granja I heard is coming… This is me dialing it back…🤣🤣🤣

  23. 6:18 It is "51st State: Ultimate Edition", the Master Set version comes from 2016

  24. My wallet definitely appreciates knowing what to expect! 😉

  25. You missed two i'm watching out for, aldurra reborn feb 22 and "gaijin" (name subject to change) somewhere this month.

    Not sure if i will back them, just letting you know they exist.

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