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February in Review – 18 Board Games Ranked

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I talk about all the new board games I played in February and rank them from least favourite to most favourite.

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  1. Cosmic Encounter is a phenomenal game. You might want to try again with a different gaming group with 5 or 6 players. It’s truly a gem.

  2. Cosmic Encounter is an amazing game. Maybe try with another game group with 5 or 6 people. It’s truly amazing

  3. Cosmic Encounter lost against Ark Nova!? I need to try Ark Nova!

  4. Really good picks, what should you suggest between Boonlake or Ark Nova for just 2 players at the table?

  5. #18 cosmic encounter, i just fell off my chair, then again all the reasons you stated for not liking it is why i love it.

  6. On viticulture, I'm sure you've heard it before. But Tuscany expansion makes it a bit more gamy, you'd like that better. More strategic in my opinion. You can also buy cards that aren't as swingy.

  7. Completely agree with Viticulture. Those cards almost ruins de game because of the luck factor they bring and also, because the cards are so powerful sometimes, making wine in the game becomes a less important thing to do, which is bad.

  8. Did you play Viticulture with the Tuscany board?

  9. This was a great round up! I have been wary of Ark Nova because of what I've heard of its length. If you think the hype is legitimate then would you say the rumours of an excessive length are also true? Do you see any good ways of artificially shortening it? Especially for a first play. Thanks.

  10. Thank you for your reviews. Hopefully, “Peloponnes” and “In the Year of the Dragon” will have reprints.

  11. We like Viticulture. We play it with the Tuscany edition but I agree, it can be luck based with the card draws. I also like Hadrians Wall. For me it’s similar in ranking to Fleet the Dice game.

    I am waiting on Ark Nova to get to the local game store. Question, does the card draw in it make it very luck dependent? Or are there enough factors to mitigate the luck?

  12. I had one "interesting" experience with Cosmic Encounter and then one horrible experience, both on Tabletop Simulator. I suspect that it could get better for you (or I) if we were willing and able to put in like a dozen plays. The problem is that the game can be shockingly long.

  13. I feel like I'm seeing a pattern here, I think that maybe you play a TON of games and you have an expectation that a game be good and that you can play strategically upon the first play. But maybe I'm wrong? How many times did you play Viticulture?

  14. Considering your enjoyment of Hadrian's Wall combined with your new-found appreciation for Riddle/Pinchback games…is Fleet: The Dice Game or Three Sisters on your radar?

  15. Finally someone that agrees with me on Viticulture about those cards and how it kind of ruins the game. And yes: it's forgettable. Looks great, but that's about all. There's just so many better games out there to play that aren't so "vanilla" in their worker placement. And thanks for discussing Mafiozoo, which I had been curious about for some time.

  16. A lot of times you are critical of how long it takes to play a particular game but you speak so highly of Barrage, doesn't Barrage take 2-3 hours to play? Thanks for your time and love your reviews and thoughts

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