Final Girl Review I Best Thematic Solo Board Game? -

Final Girl Review I Best Thematic Solo Board Game?

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It’s the Final Giiirl ta da daa daa! Were we singing with happiness when playing this or we wished it was our final game of Final Girl from Van Ryder Games? Find out in our review now!

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  1. I bought this twice and both times got frustrated with it.. not just the swingy gameplay but even the components and setup. In my mind I feel I should love it, and it bothers me that I really didn’t. Will I buy and try it a third time? Probably yes 😅🤦

  2. I wasn't interested in the themes from Season 1 at all but I just got four from season 2

  3. Still pretty dumb having to "buy" the core set which you cannot play by itself. Hard pass for me.

  4. I like how the boxes sideways looks like the old school VHS movies, pretty cool for the theme

  5. Like your approach to rating and presenting bgames

  6. I’ve actually enjoyed playing this with other people more than solo. We had a table of three and it went so well. Bouncing ideas off of each other, making up names for the victims, succeeding and failing together. To me, this game works so well as a 2-4 player game. Just take turns rolling every round and everybody gets in on the fun.

  7. Great review with both very valid views!!! Thanks!

  8. I don’t like this game, i feel the same it’s brutal and swingy and NO fUN AT ALL for me consequently

  9. This game is amazing. I love Horror films and this is right up my alley.

  10. To see what the whole Final Girl fuss was about, I bought the core box and the "beginner-level" feature film, Camp Happy Trails. After two games, it's a hard sell for me. The first game I got trounced with the killer having about half his health left, but the next was extremely easy and I won handily. I can't stand games that have this much swinginess in outcomes to them. The die rolls make the game extremely sensitive to a win or loss direction, so if you hate dice-driven games, stay FAR away from this one. In addition, the item cards are grossly unbalanced. In the second game, I got an axe, which has a 2-damage modifier. That's HUGE! If you find that, your chances of winning go up by more than 50% at least. The rest of the item cards have a smattering of 1-damage weapons and a lot of general items without damage modifiers. So the randomness of the item deck is also swingy, in addition to the dice.

    Another point that speaks to the high sensitivity of the game moving in either a win or loss direction is the fact that if you forget one tiny rule or forget to first take health away from a minor dark power card (for example), that's truly game-breaking. This element is absolutely atrocious in board game design, I can't stress this enough. I'd much rather play a board game where a very minor rule that you miss won't upset the game entirely. In Final Girl, BOY is that not the case! When the game chugs along, you'll likely have cards in different places with their own little rules on them to keep track of, which isn't good at all because you can easily end up missing them. Again, if you fail to notice one little, teensy-weensy rule on a card, you could literally either falsely win or lose in 1 round. Then when you catch the mistake, you can't possibly redo what you did before.

    Overall, I can only recommend this game if you love and want one of the most thematic board games in existence today and are willing to overlook the gameplay mechanics and luck-driven nature of the game, admittedly with a hint of strategy thrown in. That's pretty much it. The theme really shines through, and I really believe that the theme is what tends to blind people to the extreme luck-driven nature of the game and its very fatal flaws (pun intended). My final verdict: 2 stars out of 5.

  11. this review convinced me to go get the game, thanks so much for sharing your thoughts! ☺️

  12. This one of best reviews seen of the game!

  13. The preview picture gives me hard Willem Dafoe vibes

  14. Have heard a lot about this game lately. It's a rare "only solo" game. I have quite enjoyed watching it played on different channels. I would like to give it a try. But I expect I will be tired from the game very soon. And horrors is not my cup of tea. But if it will be localised there I would try one core set and a pair of final girls. Thank you for the review!

  15. As a horror movie fan I was very excited when I heard about this game, the concept is so fun. But then I realised it was for solo players. 😢 I can never bring myself to play solo games. Especially if it involves upkeep and dice rolling. Hope they come up with a multiplayer version in the future.

  16. 😂😂🥳🥳🥳🥳✌️

    Awesome Review, as always. I‘d love to try it out, but not ready to commit to buy it haha😅

    Also, I was rofling hard during the secret message 😂❤

    All the love from Vienna ✌️

  17. Finally, I now think that I will need to try it out myself. Thank you for the review!

  18. I love the idea of this game, but I hate the production. This game is a huge cash grab. This game could be made and sold in a much more cost effective way. When you buy a “feature film”, it has almost nothing in this huge box.. it’s a huge box with like 20 cards.. the entire production was done all to sell the game to you the same way video games sell you micro transaction. This game could have been made and sold all included for $50-$60, but they’re preying on peoples FOMO and collective nature to scalp $200+ from people..

    Also, when I beat a monster, I felt more or less done with that game. I felt a sense like I had completed that box and I didn’t much care to try that monster with a different hero(final girl) because the “Final Girls” are pretty much all the same. What, they have a different picture and a different unlockable weapon? That doesn’t do much. They could have made it 1 final girl in a big box of all the monsters, sold it all together, then charged a significantly lower price. This pricing model is becoming more and more common and it’s ruining the hobby…

    Last, the game is not different enough to justify its 10 different expansions. Each game is almost the same, no matter which box you get.. why are there 10? Because people want to collect things and the company is capitalizing on FOMO.

    All things considered, it’s a ok game, but buy Hostage Negotiator Career. It’s more exciting, there’s more content, and it’s significantly cheaper.

  19. I don't even like the horror genre but I love yall videos!! ❤ Even tho I don't enjoy the genre yall still manage to make it look and sound enjoyable! Would love to see more solo games videos from yall!!

  20. Been waiting for this review for ages!!

  21. You're right it is very swingy and can be super frustrating especially when all the rolls of the dice are either blanks or spend 2+ cards. BUT…I love it, the fact it's pretty compact so great if I'm away on business (not board gaming, honest!) and the design of the boxes where tge lids act as the game boards. Fantastic!

  22. What do you think is a must have box in the Final Girl Universe?? Can you make a recommendation ?

  23. I have the core box, but which expansion was your favourite? Need to buy one when back in stock!

  24. Thanks for the recommendation! I'll have a try!

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