Five Great SMALL Games! -

Five Great SMALL Games!

Shut Up & Sit Down
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One’s collection is often a source of joy; a proud display of your very favourite boxes that have brought you so much delight over the years. What to do about the problem of ‘THE GAPS, then? The ghastly, unsightly spaces-between-the-boards? Tom says it’s more games.

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0:00 Tom Minds the Gap
1:55 Sky Team
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8:05 Big Top
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11:15 Spectral
15:00 Dro Polter
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18:00 ito
21:34 Bonus: Through the Desert
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22:10 All the Allplay, Emily v Tom, Barenpark Let’s Play, and More!

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  1. Spectral looks very similar to how Pocket Cats plays on BGA

  2. Any one see a roaring t rex at 1:26? I mean you even hear it roaring!

  3. I was looking forward to a satisfyingly well filled shelf by the end. Realized half way through I wouldn’t get it 😞

  4. I quite like the look and concept of Wavelength, but I just don't find it funny.

  5. Genuinely gutted that the video name changed

  6. "We are not into quirkiness and winks to camera"…. literally what your entire brand is based on.

  7. I don't see why anyone would be surprised to find out a board game reviewer owns a lot of board games. That joke doesn't really work.

  8. The Meat Boy music reminds me of Meat Boy whenever I hear it. I hope he is doing okay after surgery.

  9. Nice to see a new video from my fav Tom 😊

  10. I don't see Glen More II: Chronicles.😢

  11. Mistake: in Sky Team you move zero one or two spaces, and not one two or three as you said

  12. Is it just me or did we get a new higher frame rate logo intro?

  13. Some of my favourite small box games: Armadöra, Bandido, The Builders (Middle Ages & Antiquity), Codex Naturalis, Codinca, Cross Clues, Deep Sea Adventure, Dungeon Mayhem (+Baldur's Gate Exp.), Hanabi, HIve Pocket, Jaipur, K3, Kivi, Linwood, LOTS, Martian Dice, Parade, Piou Piou, Qwirkle Travel Ed., Qwixx, Railroad Ink, Saboteur, Silver & Gold, Similo, Splendor Duel, Zombie Dice…

  14. I have no problem cannibalizing board game boxes to repackage games into tighter fitting boxes in order to maximize shelf space. I just cut the title off and glue it to the new box. It was painful at first. But now I’m looking at over 125 games on one shelf, and I’m pretty proud of that. And I still have space for more mwah ha ha ha. It just wouldnt be possible otherwise.

  15. Skyteam just doesn't sound like fun, unless there's some way to mitigate the rolls that you didn't mention. As you pointed out, a player could just happen to roll all 6s (or any other bad combo) that makes the game impossible to win.

  16. Just imagine what the pieces feel like on a convention demo copy of Dro Polter. Go on, I dare you.

  17. Please tell me you don't store games loose 😂😨

  18. I think Avant Carde is my current favorite small box game. It just came out and I'm addicted! Think if uno was a deck builder.

  19. With this sneak peak of your collection I'd love to see an update of it from the last 2 years one!


  21. "The kind of humor we're into isn't really wacky or winking to the camera. It skews somewhat dry and absurdist. Now excuse me while I take sip from this Omega Mart glass."

  22. 16:00 16 metres by 28 metres??? Is your game shelf made for giants? How big ARE you???

  23. Helvetiq games are great for plugging spaces. Lovely, small and chonky. Art Robbery!

  24. Took me a long time to realize Tom didn't need to trim his nails because it wasn't Tom at all.

  25. I've been looking for Spectral and for the life of me can't find it anywhere. Is it out of print?

  26. Currently drinking out of the same Omega Mart glass.

  27. Are we not going to talk about Shark & Bus just sitting their flexing your impeccable taste 💪😤🔥🚌🦈

  28. the sky team experience:

    looks at co-pilot with smile of pure horror. places a 6, while shaking head

    co-pilot attempts to correct for the 6, looking back with a mix of confusion and frustration

    continues smiling and shaking head. places another 6

  29. That Big Top shelf-placement. Bravo. Bravo.

  30. This video is nightmare fuel for Actualol

  31. My SU&SD headcannon is that they actually all live together in the same house and all these cramped apartments are carved out of a single room with faux walls and camera tricks. Except Paul, who watches them from the other side of the glass. Or perhaps it is he who is on exhibit.

    I think i need to make some new friends jfc.

  32. What is Hungry Monkey and why is it in your collection twice.

  33. I've seen a few air crash videos, and often the very reason for a crash turns out to be the pilots not communicating.
    So that makes the "no communicating" rule extra ironic.

  34. Is nobody going to talk about the mannequin on the window ledge…

  35. Every time you guys take a jab at the dice tower it kills me 🤣🤣

  36. Wait! I can use the fridge to store my games?

  37. Watching you stuff unboxed components into the crevices of your shelves was simultaneously one of the most horrifying and most fantastic things I've seen in a video in a long time.

  38. you guys are paying tom too much if he's snarflin that bonne maman

  39. Tom! Omega-Mart!?!? We got the same glass!
    I hope you stood up to the corporation.
    I love it and I love this video!❤🎉

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