Five Years in the Making: Ascendancy is Finally on Kickstarter! -

Five Years in the Making: Ascendancy is Finally on Kickstarter!

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A fantasy game where 4x meets workerplacement, Ascendancy has arrived to KS. Check out the campaign here:

And please leave any questions in the comments below!


  1. Carley the worker placement fiend! Thanks for sharing. You'll be glad to know we plan to update the rulebook, for folks who prefer to use that, instead of our "Learn-As-You-Play" Tutorial.Thank you!

  2. 1st. Ready for this KS. GREAT preview. Aww… couch. This game seems like a table hog so…..better to view on a table.

  3. Hoping the KS has more than 4 houses. I demand House Stark, House of Dragons (House Targaryen) and House of Tony Stark. But seriously some new houses would be nice. I wouldn’t mind an Asian inspired house or African inspired house.

  4. Looks interesting, but seems a little too big for my liking.

  5. Goodness me, the idea of having a game like this without a big beautiful thoroughly referenceable rulebook surprises me. It's a great chance to show off key art you already paid for.

  6. Thanks for such a lovely review! I think you were being very fair in your criticism – the thought of having to set up a game just to learn through a tutorial is not my idea of a good time, but I’m glad you acknowledge that there are people who do!

    Definitely considering backing this Kickstarter!

  7. Love your videos. I get to live vicariously about games I dream of playing, with no actual way to play them ever. Thanks for the window into the board gaming world.

  8. ❤❤❤❤ Love that video and your board games, Carley!

  9. Thanks for the review. I do expect as usual that the BGG community will release a nice booklet

  10. Fortunately for me, I like the dedicated tutorial, kinesthetic learning, trickling information so we don't get overwhelmed and all that, in Ascendency's case even incorporating the story.

    BUT, I'm fairly new to board games, especially more complex ones. So I'm curious what an example of a good rulebook looks like, or what's the difference between a reference book and a rulebook, which might be a stupid question, but to me right now it seems both are just "Book where I learn x does x"

  11. Great preview, thanks for all the info. I personally disagree with your criticism of a Tutorial scenario as learning tool, as I pretty much reply on those to help me with complex games and get very lost without them. However, I do see your point, and perhaps both routes could be an option? It must be difficult to cater to both types and still have a concise rulebook and scenario book that fits in a box. Thanks for the video!

  12. Many thanks for your much-appreciated lowdown (and explanation of what this 4x is all about). Thanks to you (and the interest it generated at my end), this game is the first I decided to back at KS! Keep on the good work – loving your style and the added value you bring to the table (or the couch 😊)! 👌🏼

  13. Any chance we will see you back on NRB anytime soon?

  14. I don't think this would fit on my table 😵‍💫

  15. Have you ever checked out Uprising, Curse of the Last Emperor. It's a Co-Op 4X game that this game seems to borrow some things from in a way (how the settlements work and exploring hexs)
    This production is really pretty tho

  16. Alright, I'm going to ask the really tough question here: this box won't fit inside a Kallax cube, right?

  17. 4:55 what?! Queen of the Clocktower Carley (who's favorite role is demon, no less) s not upset she missed "exploit"?! I call shenanigans 🤣🤣

    Kidding…mostly. The part of me that's 100% serious, though, is only intended to compliment you at your level of skill at the game. Of all the people I've "met" through NRB, you are my favorite to watch there (I wish I could see you more on Board Game Club quite frankly)

  18. My family learned of you thru Blood on the Clocktower and Carley you are a “Mastermind”
    It’s amazing watching you own the demon/minion rolls and run with them.
    You are a joy to watch Carley.
    Thank you for allowing us to go for each thrilling ride with you.
    You bring a smile to my face thru tough times.

  19. Amazing vid…it feels like a bizarre take on a rondel mechanism with workers and adventure!

  20. I had no idea you had your own channel! Instant subscribe, miss your insights and tips 💛

  21. Hi Carly, thanks for the overview. I’m a fellow MD/DC/VA gamer, and I need your advice on playing time. I see it’s 90+. What does that really mean?

    4x is generally long, but this comes with ways to shorten the game to 90 minutes or so. How much does shortening detract from the overall experience?

    Thanks for your answer!

  22. Off topic but I see John Company on your shelf! Not a game that gets spoken about a heck of a lot. Did you enjoy it? I have it on my shelf of shame 😀

  23. speaking out against men who abuse power for their sexual gratification is always very hard and scary. good job and I subbed!

  24. Didnt know this channel! Awesome, just subscribed.

    Also, thanks for giving some light to the whole NRB ordeal. Its sad to find out something like this in relation to someone I admired sincerely but I support your decission and will ve showing up here more often!

  25. A worker placement fiend eh? Have you played Yedo? Or Ninjato? They're in my top 5 games!

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