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Flamecraft Board Game Review

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Join us as we take a look at the kiddie style euro game Flamecaft published by Lucky Duck Games.

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  1. Love your reviews. I can't believe I had not done all the bullshit before. I just bought that piece of cardboard parfinelia yesterday and am looking forward to playing it with my kids… Hope they fancy it and it becomes a gateway euro.

  2. Im confused. I have variable powers. And I don't have any kind of kickstarter version?

  3. I clicked this video because of the channel name over others, in just the intro you got a like and sub from me!!! On your third complaint about no individual powers for each player the game comes with a few companion dragon cards that you can optionally pass out to players that can give a starting bonus and a powerful one time per game ability to make your strategy different from the next player.

  4. I thought this game was a snooze fest, played it 4 times and it just got more boring with every new play. Bollocks!!!

  5. The thumbnail looks like you're flogging knock off board games out the back of your souped up Vauxhall Corsa

  6. 100% agree. This is a fantastic game that definitely feels like it is missing some sort of "combat"/player interaction mechanic, but otherwise is a stellar game. Surprisingly strategic, once you understand the mechanics. And yeah, based on some of their design choices concerning included components, an xpac seems imminent (I feel like they've had one in the chamber since the release).

  7. I reckon if it’s meant to be accessible to children, the challenges for them from a game, and the skills and concepts they’re learning to master in a game, are covered really well by this. Plus it’s ridiculously adorbs and breaks the cute-meter.

  8. Very funny man, my new favorite game review channel.

  9. I subscribed to this channel because I thought that if I didn’t, he would find me and break my legs with a baseball bat (but then, he would drive me to the hospital afterward, because he is actually a nice guy, and the whole leg thing was just business).

  10. When AI is nearly perfect, videos will look similar

  11. Gotta agree with your kids. Individual player powers are so important to me. They take a game I might only play a half-a-dozen times or less before losing interest, to a game I'll gladly play 2 or 3 dozen times or more. The way player powers blur the lines between tactics and strategy help improve a game that might otherwise be too reliant on one or the other. No fault to anyone who prefers a pure strategy or tactics game, but I just love a mix of both in my list of favourite go-to games.

    Great review!

  12. You got more dragons as the bonus one is for solo 😐 I really like this stupid game.

  13. With gameplay this bland, the game could have at least had the decency to look bad. Wasting presentation this good on a game this aggressively mediocre is such a shame.

  14. Bland generic mechanisms, not redeemed by hyper-cutsie infantile presentation and the inevitable Kick$hitter instant expansions (five) make Flamecraft about as appealing as Puff (apologies to flower children).

  15. At our group, everyone enjoyed playing this but then didn't really want to play it again.

  16. It's a very cute family weight euro that's easy to teach and doesn't overstay it's welcome. Personally I won't play it with fewer than three players, definitely don't get this for solo mode which is very meh. But yes, sometimes you just want to play something stupidly cute and simple.

  17. I love watching a review of a cutesy dragon game given by a villain from Guy Ritchie movie. My new favorite board game channel.

  18. Awesome review as always. If you play with Companions each player gets different player powers (unfortunately most are once per game).

  19. feels like a good game for non-gamers at any age, and for 'gamer kids' up to 12yo – teen/adult gamers would find the game too simple

  20. Good review and surprise choice . I like this game a lot , fot its relaxing and cosy go shopping get stuff feel without shitting on others.

  21. Yeah Flamecraft is quite good and we really enjoy it. Great review.

  22. For around $40 the game seem great probably add some of my own rule to make it a little more interesting.

  23. I’m just gonna say with all the brilliant content you’re always delivering, we can’t complain about this one slipping thru. Get that check homie 😅💪

  24. The thought of being in a shop only to receive your unsolicited meat is not entirely the endorsement I expect to find quoted in the box art or the publisher's website. LOL.

  25. I still believe that people like this game because dragons and that's it

  26. It says "Gag Courtesy of Ben Elton Circa 1992". You can stop trying to frame stop it.

  27. You had me at dragon porn, crap you said dragon pawn.

  28. One of the most overrated games I've ever played.

  29. This game is inoffensive and bland. I'll play it but I won't seek it out, basically the new Wingspan.

  30. I like the style of your reviews. Found this channel a couple of days ago and you have a new subscriber! Keep it up!

  31. Gideons Mob Official Youtube Channel! says:

    LOL Toast by Paul Young and the lads from STREETBAND!!! Havent head that in YEARS!! LOL love it!

  32. Awesome review as always! Haha. Toast! 😂 Fantastic!

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