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Flamecraft – DON’T BE FOOLED! – Gameplay and Review

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Is it worth it to buy the deluxe version of Flamecraft?

Flamecraft is a beautiful board game and I had made up my mind to buy it the moment I saw it. Now I appreciate great artwork in a game, but my wife loves dragons and is basically willing to play any game if it is “cute” enough. So I went for the deluxe version. I’ve had several chances to play it with my family and in this video I’ll let you know what you can expect and whether or not the investment is worth it.

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The Perfect Boardgame Attribute Scores
Theme: 3
Mechanics: 2
Components: 9
Strategy: 4
Complexity: 4
Luck: Medium
Interaction: Low

0:00 – Introduction
0:32 – Theme Score
4:30 – Mechanics
4:49 – How to play Flamecraft
5:52 – Gather Action
8:36 – Enchant Action
9:33 – Mechanics Score: How does Flamecraft play?
12:50 – Flamecraft Board Game Components
15:02 – What is the difference between the deluxe and standard version
16:35 – Strategy Score
17:22 – Complexity Score
17:40 – Conclusion


  1. Even the most engaging games can’t keep younger kids at the table for more than 10-15 minutes. Ours are constantly going back and forth to take their turns

  2. I think you have valid points but I feel your opinion is not completely objective, I´d ask what do you think about everdell, because the animals are cute and all but you can have the same game with any other theme, actually if you don´t place the tree the game per se it´s not very thematic, it could be anything besides animals, also the position of the resources doesn´t matter there ( I don´t think it matters in almost any game), so good points but I had to stop watching the video because I felt it was not an honest opinion but it felt biased….

  3. I think you made a harsh review.Like trying to have a dune imperium interaction game on a simple family game.I really disagree about the low player interaction. Everything is in constant movement, the dragons effect in town. The final score dragons. The constant give another players resources to win points. Etc.

  4. thank you for your honest review. much appreciated. too late though, already preordered the game. hopefully my family will have a better reaction.

  5. Did you have an opinion of Creature Comforts? We thought the game play was really fun on that one and combined with a cute quality production. But also suffers from being too long at 4. We do simultaneous play at 2 and it works really well. Surprised so many people (adults!) are extolling the fun gameplay of Flamecraft. Not many saying the gameplay is okay but elevated by how cute and nice the production is. That said, I’ve been so hesitant because I feared there was no there there despite the extolling coming in from those that got the game and had their first several plays. So I just went conservative and got the cheap retail version. Looks nice. If it’s boring, I also think I can sell that UNLESS they overprinted it and everyone discounts it incredibly to sub-$20.

  6. 18:04 Ah, that is so cool! I will have to check out that website! 😊

  7. I hope you don’t get flamed by the Flamecraft fans! 😂

    I know my daughter will love the theme and components, which is why I backed it. That’s unfortunate the rest of the game scores so low. 😮

  8. Kinda feel like you only scraped the theme of the game and overlooked that yes each type of dragon has the same ability. At 3:14 as you say that you can see both are the same effect on both meat dragons except for name and art. As for the thematic reason of that effect specifically, tasty magic meat attracts more dragons to the town. You're right in pointing out the cards don't specifically give that to you, but it's also not a negative to let players use their imagination to fill in the intended gaps.
    Also it's interesting you give it a middling score for theme and then immediately discard the town matt in the next section without addressing how it adds to the theme while providing reputation tracking. Lasty your take on the title is pretty flimsy. The game is sold as a game about building a town with artisan dragons that do the crafting. I don't blame your kid from being disinterested when you think so little of the thematics and play in such a technical manner. Edit to add, 14:14 you are contradicting yourself with 3:14

  9. Regarding the 36 dragons, wouldn't them sharing only 6 effects reduce that burden?

  10. Tbf "town building with dragons" is still a more interesting twist than the all too common "medieval town building"

  11. Thanks for showing! Your ideas are great! 😉

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