Fort in about 3 minutes -

Fort in about 3 minutes

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Fort in about 3 minutes

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Designer,Grant Rodiek,
Artist,Kyle Ferrin,
Publisher,Leder Games

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  1. I absolutely adore this artstyle. cool to see other opinions. Now I wonder, What boardgame has the best artstyle in your opinion?

  2. I mean I'm definitely a sucker for Kyle Ferrin's artwork so I'm biased but I love the way the kids are drawn in this game, some are cute and funny and some are eerie and weird, y'know like kids?

  3. One of my favorites for its combination of depth, brevity, and a quickly changing board state. I LOVE the art. I also love your videos!

  4. Ah Fort, i wanted to like you, i really did. But your charm is in providing a volatile somewhat rudderless experience of card decks being churned and manipulated, and that''s just not my jam. Will be other folks jams though.

  5. YouTube Audio Library Copyright Safe Music says:

    A BIG LIKE ) 👍💥

  6. All I know is that there are lots of cards and lots of yards

  7. I rather like Kyle Ferrin's art for this because it feels like pictures the kids might draw of each other. I was having a hard time getting the core concept until you described it as a pulled apart deck-builder. Now it makes more sense and I'll keep an eye out for this game. Great review!

  8. My wife loves Fort.
    And with the Cats and Dogs expansion, it gets really strategic at two

  9. Absolutely love this game! It's not perfect but is such an interesting take on deck building with the forced player interaction. Can't wait to teach it to more people!

  10. Mechanism salad loaded with icons is an interesting description that actually really fits quite a few games I've played! I can tell this one isn't for me either. Thanks for shining the light on Fort, I've seen it a few times but never knew what it was!

  11. Good to see a rare shout out for 51st State! My flatmate has a copy, we love it and have been playing it regularly for several years now.

  12. Thanks for the review. Sounds like a solid set of mechanics. Have to agree, for me, the artwork is a turn off.

  13. Oh my god I stand corrected there is gonna be a 51st state ultimate edition on gamefound…gosh darn it I’m backing

  14. I've played this game a lot and I agree it can feel a bit disjointed early on but I think about 10 games in, once the games get a lot quicker and you've experienced all the different strategies, it gets deeper.
    Also, my friends and I all love most of the art and have spent a lot of time just flipping through the deck admiring it

  15. Not a fan of Fort. I feel it's wonky and doesn't allow for satisfying combinations and deckbuilding. Sure you can follow other's players suit if possible and at the end of the turn have all your cards played/discarded instead of in the yard for others to pick, but also I feel I never play a satisfying deck, Fort feels circumstancial and repetitive.

  16. The art freaks me out, too, and kept me from wanting to buy the game. Which in the end might be a good thing?

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