Funhaus BACK In Studio Playing Board Games: The Journey Begins NOW! -

Funhaus BACK In Studio Playing Board Games: The Journey Begins NOW!

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In which the royal table is set, alliances are forged, a witch sneezes, and a flagon of apple juice is revealed to be something else altogether.

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  1. I'm pretty sure Lindsey's character is Mrs. Miggins from Blackadder the Third… 🤔

  2. I need to turn notifications on, didn’t even realize the Board game series started or was in the midst of another season!

  3. This is the first new FH video I've watched since getting back from deployment. As much as I love the regular cast, I really enjoyed Charlotte's humor. Great addition, hope to see more

  4. As a man with a beard I love facial hair but James should honestly shave if that ain't fake. Sorry bruh but it doesn't look good on you.

  5. What a stupid opening… Same vein as saying video games cause violence

  6. Great video, You guys should try Settlers of Catan!

  7. I used to watch inside gaming a LOT, but I must have been sleeping on how funny Charlotte is until now🤣

  8. Why is lindsay the best cast member in this? She seems to have really come up since cowchop.

  9. Wait a second…. this game uses stickers ? that you stick on the board ? and you have to cut open those envelops or whatever ??? It means you're supposed to buy a new copy of the game every time you want to play. What a scumbag game design.

  10. I looked up what House Pickle said about ruling a nation, that "ruling is an unsolvable dilemma." and found nothing. What a great original quote.

  11. Wow, didn’t know swaggersouls was a part of funhaus

  12. i was sad when i realized it was a costume episode without elyse but never have i been so happy about a doordash ad!

  13. I’d love if more fantasy stories had people mispronouncing each other’s names.

  14. Can Board as Hell save Funhaus? I think it could…
    God I've missed this

  15. i genuienly have a MASSIVE crush on ryan and i wish there was some way i could possibly have a chance with him :/

  16. I was hoping to see Elyse, was not disappointed ✪ ω ✪

  17. petition for elyse to do all ad-reads as the town crier

  18. James, you guys need to play Hero Quest. I have very fond memories of that game.

  19. Limmy has ruined me. I can't look at Charlotte without thinking "Keel jehstah".

    This video was on point. Everyone had tons of good jokes and the dynamic was flowing so well.

  20. Took me about 7 episodes to understand the scoring, so I'm here now to rewatch everything and binge it, as the finale came out!

  21. I'm rewatching this all now that I actually understand what's going on, and it's even better.

  22. The secret agendas are SERIOUSLY unbalanced. Some are just objectively better than others. Rebel is unquestionably the best, and Greedy is by far the worst – like, so much so that I'm hoping that they screwed it up and the last player to pick is supposed to be able to pick between the last card and the discarded one(s) (if any exist) because of how bad that one is. It's a great, interesting concept; high wealth rewards that incentivize you to pass, a resource range that incentivizes you to act, and a 0 point 5-resource tier that encourages careful play.

    The problem is that the resource number point rewards are so low that if you place enough resources to earn a significant amount of points, you sacrifice so many passes that you no longer benefit from your high wealth reward potential. You also share the ranges of the Rebel while only having a potential 11 points, meaning no matter how many resources you place, you will always score less than the Rebel.

  23. "I think that me and Pickle will get a long just handsomely". For now…

  24. It only ends if the stability goes to the end, which it should have been 1 shy of. If a resource gets to the end it just stops and the stability track is moved as if it had not stopped.

  25. No one commenting on Charlotte's immaculate woodwind instrumentation! Flabbergasted I was! Flummoxed even!

  26. Re-watching this and I love how basically that one Pickle vote entirely signed the horrifying future of the country.

  27. James looks like my uncle Hubert….looks just like youd think

  28. literally only like James out of this cast

  29. james' bottom half in this video is very underrated

  30. Funhaus is literally built for comedy/boardgame rp. Please keep up board games, I go back through the channels videos often and it's just chefs kiss

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