Gameplay Preview (Part 1) - Total War: ROME: The Board Game -

Gameplay Preview (Part 1) – Total War: ROME: The Board Game

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Watch Simon & the PSC Games team sit down and play a round of Total War: ROME: The Board Game!

Alliance negotiations were kickstarted, but to no real avail. Trade deals were interrupted between the Greeks and the Romans by pesky pirates, only for the pirates to hand the treasure back to the Greeks. Multiple regions were conquered in an effort to raise tax incomes for all. Walls and markets were built, with Carthage solidifying its economic power for the rest of the game, quickly allowing them to recruit War Elephants. A Roman army marched north into the woodland and found an open plain to fight on, whilst the cunning Barbarians spread an ugly disease on the eve of battle. The Greeks explored, conquered, and developed democracy in their regions, all while taking out a stray Roman army in the east. All in about 35 minutes!

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  1. Zero explanation about the game. Nothing is being mentioned about the phases in a turn. It looks like everyone is just doing something. Every dice roll is outside of the camera. Are players supposed to discard cards from the hand? From their army? From a deck? Who knows, because they are not showing it on camera.The only thing I see is a map, a few units and some tokens being placed. Hardly exciting…

  2. Canvas printed board/scroll would be cool, if I get the game that would be an early BGG file post

  3. Please dont make alot of symbols on the gameboard…its a huge turn off when u eventually wilo have lots of pieces on the board and Miss all the important info om small symbols…

  4. Wonderful!! Is there a chance we are going to get it before february 2023? =P

  5. Consider making it cost 1 to try to take a neutral territory. Shows resources needed to bribe tribes, get intel, supply troops, scout, etc… Someone can go to top right with a small army and easily get massive income that won't get touched later in the game. Should be a bigger trade-off for that i.e. an investment. Paying to take territory also reduces early game boring period where best strategy is rarely to otherwise rush someone. Napoleon in Europe had this mechanic and it was pretty good.

  6. Really thanks for this. It will help us very much to understand how to play! I can't wait!

  7. The map needs better art. This looks very bad and amateuristic

  8. hmm, this game is getting really interesting. I was totally turned off when the campaign started but now I am starting to like it.

  9. Fun video. What if a Casus Belli is required to conquer a territory, otherwise, the player faces some political unrest at home?

  10. The background music brings so many memories… Thanks for showing the game play!

  11. I don't know if you answer questions here but I'll ask anyway:
    How does the game work when you are playing with less than 4 players?
    it said somewhere it is 1-4 players, so what would be the gameplay if you play alone?

  12. Does everyone have 4 different decks representing each army?

  13. Looks good. I was holding off on backing until I seen some gameplay footage… looks great.
    Would love to see some smaller numbers game play and a solo, do you have any plans to demo the solo mode?

  14. Thsi game looks very nice. Obvioulsy a lot off thoght went into the factions etc.
    But the pledge page and info /gameplay vidoes last and not complete makes we worried if there are issues with this project. It seesm incredibly weird.
    You can not upload gameplay vidoes on time or give youtbers a copy when you go live. This is an auto-buy for me but red flags already upon public launch of the project?
    Seriously. I have the Great war PSC game and many models since before and played other games, I know it si good stuff but you NEED to work work your presentation.

  15. This looks pretty boring.
    Watching this just made me feel like playing the video game which I have anyway.

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