Games I've Only Found Outside the US - Board Game Buyer’s Guide -

Games I’ve Only Found Outside the US – Board Game Buyer’s Guide

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Top Board Game Releases & Restocks This Month – Board Game Buyer’s Guide! 25 Best Board Games You Can Get RIGHT NOW! The sheer number of board games released each month can be overwhelming. That’s why (of the hundreds of new board games, card games and accessories released this month) we’ve assembled a list of “best bets”, games that caught MY attention, and a few wildcards to suggest – in this month’s Board Game Buyer’s Guide.

Doctor Who: Don’t Blink

Will the Weeping Angels succeed when so many of The Doctor’s adversaries have failed before?


Voices In My Head

Guy is on trial, and YOUR actions will determine if he goes free or to prison. Should he tell the truth, or lie for all he is worth?


Caper – Europe:
First Empires:
Freshwater Fly:
Ginkgopolis – The Experts:
Hadrians’s Wall:
Journey – Wrath of Demons:
Mantis Falls:
Museum – Pictura:
Now Or Never:
Phantom Ink:
Sentinels Definitive:
Shinkansen Zero-Kei:
Skull King:
Three Little Wolves:
Trails Of Tucana:

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06:03 Eye Catching Games (part 2)
09:42 What’s In Store
13:25 Voices In My Head (our other sponsor)
14:40 From Wish List to Game Shelf
18:58 Best Bets

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  1. Trails of Tucana is FANTASTIC… the best of the route-building roll and writes I've played. the expansions is sadly ONLY available from the publisher's website ….. with 24$ shipping to the states!!!! AAAAAAAAAAHHHH that bugs me soo much

  2. It is so, so weird because I hate fishing, but one of my favorite kind of video games used to be a fishing one on the SNES. I still have no idea why. XD Although my favorite thing in Oregon Trail was hunting and I loved Duck Hunt, too, but in real life I will stop on pavement to pick up earthworms and get them back on the grass. XD ………..The Phantom game looks very interesting, especially if someone like my husband was the phantom. Nobody would ever know what he was writing, even if they saw the whole word. XD XD XD I think there is a malevolent force of nature that causes elementary school teachers to marry spouses who intermingle capital letters as part of their "lowercase" alphabet. It's a cruel world, Chaz.

  3. The Quiet Year looks like such great creative fun. Thanks for showcasing it, Chaz. Can‘t wait to try and track it down

  4. The Quiet Year is SO GOOD I can't stress enough that people need to play it

  5. I've been off-script most of my life… it's not that bad

  6. Oh wow, thanks for talking about Museum: Pictura! That's awesome 🙂

  7. Ginkgopolis is an absolute hit. Don’t sleep on it. Extremely clever.

  8. You couldn’t switch to doing a gardening channel, could you? I can’t keep up with all these great games.

  9. I find that Sentinels of the Multiverse is a game that has a pretty dedicated fan-base (me being one of them). I will say if it looks remotely interesting to you, then this game is for you. You should at the very least try the new edition with its cleaned up rule-set.

  10. Shamans is fantastic, so many different variables coming together in a simple game of trick taking and social deduction.

    SHASN is really weird, but good. Kind of like a combination of a funny political party game and area control.

  11. 'wish list to game shelf'? No pun? No rhyme? No alliteration?

  12. Phantom Ink is fantastic. Get it if you can!

  13. Might I recommend Tome: The Light Edition. It’s a fun trick taking game with a magic twist.

  14. the original Watch It Played theme in the beginning! I'll holla

  15. Your suitcase must have been much heavier on the way home after Airecon Chaz! My own wishlist to library just added Juicy Fruits and Grand Carnival both of which I picked up in a sale. Love it when that happens!

  16. I can’t believe you didn’t grab a copy of Bad Company for me Chaz 😒

  17. Love your videos! Always super informative and funny!

  18. Hey I saw phantom ink at my FLGS last night! It was my first time hearing of it. I went with Mysterium Park instead based off an employee’s recommendation.

  19. Hey Chaz, did you ever pick up any of the new BattleTech stuff from the last couple years? I remember you've played in the past. Barnes & Noble (visited in a previous video) has had both some blind box-style, well, boxes, and lance packs. Curious if you've seen or played with any of the new stuff.

  20. Haha jokes on you Chaz! You don’t have control over my wallet this time!
    I already own Skull King & have Hadrians Wall & Tucana on order.
    And you know I already bought Condottiere…umm…well, because of you…
    What’s that you say? A story of Greece?
    Curses you got me again 😤😤😤

  21. Seems like a long wait to see you guys live at the next Airecon 🙂 maybe if I wish really hard you will all be at UKGE this year? 🙂

  22. Card Weaver sounds interesting, and at an estimated MSRP of $0.00, how can you go wrong? Wait….. are you about to tell me that was obviously a typo? You look like you're about to tell me that was obviously a typo. Maybe if I close my eyes and cross my fingers as hard as I can…..

  23. I've only played Freshwater Fly as a solo game but I really liked it! Had no idea it was the same designer as Merchants of the Dark Road haha

  24. Mantis Falls was an instant favorite at our house! Cannot recommend this one enough.

  25. great reviews today, super episode! mind you it had yorkshire bits in it. Thanks Chaz

  26. +1 for The Quiet Year : the newer Deep Forest version is even better!

  27. Trails of Tucana is the most accessible flip and write game! 😍

  28. The makers of Hellenica: Story of Greece, just completed a KS for Spring and Autumn: Story of China. I believe you can still late pledge.

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