Games of the year 2021 -

Games of the year 2021

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  1. This has left me wanting to get your small-box/foundation (no spoilers in the comments) game. Which is cool as I very rarely get excited about "The New".
    ~ smiles ~

  2. So, here's the list of my awards from the smaller pool than normal. Thanks to everyone on Patreon for keeping the channel going and keeping us away from paid endorsements and advertorials. If you want to keep independent voices in board game media, consider supporting us on Patreon

  3. Eagerly awaiting Steph telling us why Obsession is still the best.. 😊

  4. I'm curious about the other nominees for the categories! They may not have won but I'm interested in what else you've played and liked that may not have merited a full recap or all the video work for background footage. Maybe something like 4 tiles of their box covers behind you statically with 1 comment on each game; although that's what your top 100 is for!

  5. I really liked to learn the expression "number 8 wire"

  6. Dune Imperium was great the one time I played, but I would agree with some of the online critique about the deck building not having enough room to breathe. Not sure if that means higher score requirements to win or if you start with a smaller deck, but I'm interested in playing it more.

    As for BSG and Unfathomable, I don't jive with the new theme, and it's hard to get 5 together these days, but yeah BSG is incredible and I'm happy that Unfathomable exists!

  7. Taverns of Tiefenthal by Wolfgang Walsh unfortunately did the “advent style” pockets in 2019

  8. Unfathomable is my Game of the Year as well. I loved Battlestar and I still prefer that theme, but I liked how they breathed new life into that game. I liked how it was slightly tighter. But at heart it was still the tense, fun experience of BSG. And you can buy it!

  9. Well, i guess i wont be finding Unfathomable at Cerberus anytime soon haha great content as always. Havent kept up on or played many games over the year. But the content you put out is always fantastic. Ngā mihi nui

  10. Canvas was a surprise for me, it was fun to finish a price of art and think wow I did that haha. Plus that box is the best looking one I have!
    I too love the gloomhaven pc game. Really brings it to life and takes the set up out of it.
    Have you tried the digital version of root? I’ve been wondering how that compares.

    Haven’t been too tempted to try unfathomable since I’m not a huge fan of hidden traitor games.
    Thanks for the video!!

  11. Cantaloop is my game of the year, with the Initiative being a close second. I think Cantaloop was also my favorite solo game and it was kinda innovative. The initiative was innovative too I think

  12. Something people in the review space often step over = Tyrants also is relatively dirt cheap. for less than £ 30 it's yours.
    I normally buy games for solo first – group play (because I don't have a steady gaming group but a meetup with all sorts of people) distant second. But with marks like this and a game that by modern standards is cheap… yeah – I'd be willing to take that chance. So thank you for putting this on my radar

  13. Cool video! I had to put a lot of will not to get canvas after watching this. I have a dumb question. What is the thing you say at the beginning of your every video? I can't quite make it out.

  14. Solid list, with some games I don’t know. Couldn’t agree more about Hadrian’s Wall. Fantastic solo experience, and the solo campaign adds an incredible amount of replay ability and challenge.
    Glad you made it through the year with all that happened. On to 2022!

  15. Well a new Battlestar Galactica series is coming out, who knows if they reimagined the game to that show and sell it again, maybe im too optimistic lol

  16. Have you tried Tyrants at 2 player? I've had my eye on it for a long time but am mostly a 2 player gamer. And any time I see area control and 2 player I have to be cautious.

  17. I think it's a good list but two moments stood out to me:
    -During the people's choice award, you were talking about deck-building games with other stuff happening I was so sure you were going to say Tyrants of the Underdark because I had no idea that game didn't come out this year.
    -Unfathomable as the GOTY surprised me, not because I think it's bad (I've never played it or BSG) but I just haven't heard much chatter about it all year. Glad it's a hit!

  18. Still sad that my copy of Unfathomable is being held hostage by another game I pre-ordered that got delayed due to covid…maybe this year!

    Do really like Dune: Imperium but I've got a couple of nitpicks that bug me. I think I actually want the game to be more of a deckbuilder than it actually is, because things like the market not rotating really annoy me.

    GotY for me has to be Hadrian's Wall though. Absolute solo champion. Feels like a game as meaty as Paladins of the West Kingdom but it only takes like…5 minutes to set up and plays in an hour? I almost want to recommend it to any solo player though I do understand that a game that is basically an hour of administrative paperwork may not appeal to everyone, heh.

  19. I am not a solo board gamer at all but played Hadrian's Wall while on holiday at a bach in Kuratau and it was absolutely fantastic. It has made me consider perhaps playing some more solo games.

  20. I felt exactly the same about Hadrian’s Wall. Not a fan of roll/flip and writes at all but I’m a huge fan of HW. Superb design. It also made me realize that this genre has massive potential.

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