Gaming Table for Board Games - Board Game Table -

Gaming Table for Board Games – Board Game Table

ON TABLE Board Games
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Today, an unusual video. I’m going to show you a board game table and tell you about my impressions of its brief use. I think many players dream of a real gaming table with many accessories, shelves or a double top. Take a look at this model.

Gaming Table for Board Games – Board Game Table

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  1. "00:40" – on the left side thzis is some real game or just wooden dice?? I wonder….BTW – the table looks great – does this company have an option with a raised/lowered internal top?

  2. Thank you for this, it looks amazing! I'm wondering if you have any suggestions on things to put on top of non-gaming tables that will help protect the components and make play more comfortable? The cheaper, the better 😃

  3. Amazing Video quality as always. Well done. I’m hardly considering buying one at the GF now, if I get better details about shipping prices.

  4. And again, Asia, because of you, I don't know what to do … I had money set aside for holidays and now how to explain to my wife that she has to sunbathe in the backyard😉

  5. Are there any references for the company available? Because shelling out 2k on Gamefound needs a lot of trust and reputation.

  6. Please, can anyone tell me what game is that, at 05:32 and beyond? The hex-based game With the red and blue cubes, and upside down cards.

  7. not a bad table, but it seems shipping and tax alone cost more than the table itself!

  8. Which size is this table in your video ? And is this pink mat a carpet or Neopren ?

  9. Not going to lie, I’m wondering where the chairs came from 😂
    They look amazing, where are those from?

  10. Hello Joanna, what do you say about the quality of the table now since its been a couple of months? Any scratches or anything of the sort?

  11. what is the game in the beginning with the castles etc.?

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