Gen Con 2023 Top 10 Most Anticipated Board Games -

Gen Con 2023 Top 10 Most Anticipated Board Games

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Gen Con 2023 is approaching fast – we’re ready to check out some games there, and thought we’d share you our top most anticipated Gen Con games here🙏 Please let us know what are yours!
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00:00 Welcome to our top 10 GenCon List
00:25 Where Stella be at GenCon
01:23 Please let me know your GenCon 2023 anticipated games
02:40 Number 1 – and
04:04 Number 2 –
05:30 Number 3 –
06:35 Number 4 –
08:07 Number 5 –
08:59 Number 6
09:50 Number 7 –
10:50 Number 8 –
12:29 Number 9 –
13:20 Number 10
14:06 Special mention 1
15:17 Special mention 2 – and and
16:08 Special mention 3 – and and

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  1. Nice to meet you at Gencon for the SkyTeam demo 😉 see you at Essen

  2. More then anything I am waiting to go to the kingdom death booth

  3. I'm looking forward to 3 Ring Circus, Sky Team Barcelona, Last Light.

  4. Great preview. So many I'm interested in checking out, but really interested in Race To The Raft, and Cascadia Landmarks, among others. Also going to check out Lorcana, and Wild Tiled West. Will see you there!

  5. ive watched about 7 or 8 gencon game preview videos and your was abot he last one to watch. Your list is the best as it is almost exactly what I have on mine with exception to two. great video!

  6. Looking forward to Aerodome and hoping to get a demo off TTR Legacy.

  7. Believe it or not that silly circus song is actually called "Entry of the Gladiators," and was written as a military march.

  8. Really looking forward to playing Galactic Cruise! I hope they eliminate some of the mad rushes for some titles.

  9. I'm very interested in Age of Innovation, looking forward to learning more about it.

  10. Stella, you are so vivacious and personable. I have watched a few of your how to play videos through board game geek.

    Tarrant is laid back and cordial and you two balance each other.

    Barcelona is my favorite European city. I hope you get to visit someday.

    Jill in Nashville, Tennessee in USA

  11. Going again for the 2nd time. Currently looking forward to the new Arnak expansion and After Us.

  12. Thanks for the Kutna Hora mention. That had flown under my radar, but was just able to snag a demo spot for it at Gen Con.

  13. Great selection of games! They all look good! I wish I can go to GenCon one day, so for now, I'll be looking for retails. I am keen for Tickets to Ride Legacy, After Us, and 3 Ring Circus!

  14. Looking forward to Deduckto published by GameWright. I know the guy who designed it.

  15. Maybe I'll see you at GenCon Stella! Ok, I'll walkie and talkie 😀

  16. Can’t talk about any of these. I’m saving all of my money for Essen. I’ll take suggestions for games to buy in Germany.

  17. Hello, your neighbour across the ditch here. Excited for GWT NZ!

  18. I would love to see you and say hi at GEN CON. Hopefully I will! Thanks for all you do! I played Kutna at ORIGINS and really enjoyed it. I believe it is coming out a SPIEL this year? Or very near to that.

  19. I do around 30 patterns with 3-balls. Have done like 7 minutes with 4, and about 100 throws with 5 😉

  20. Hope to see you at gencon again this summer! I just decided to go today!

  21. So many good games, and hello😊 please report back also what you ended up taking back ❤

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