Getting Rid of Half of My Board Games -

Getting Rid of Half of My Board Games

No Pun Included
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  1. The 5 games i would took back are:
    Castles of burgundy (without thinking)
    Smartphone Inc

  2. There is only 3 games out of your list of games you got rid of that I would have personally kept. Agricola, 1775, and Race for the Galaxy. I play two of them fairly regularly with my wife, and we enjoy those games quite a bit.

    Interesting video, and good on you for doing this admittedly drastic action.

  3. Thanks for the inspiration to let go of stuff. Also, kudos to you guys for awesome, wholesome material. Luv u!

  4. Sounds healthy 🙂
    Our collection also cracked the 200 this year and I would love to go down to 100 to 150 as well.

    But Race for the Galaxy would stay… and maybe Watergate?! 😀

  5. I'm relatively new to the hobby and my collection is only about 50, but I think I've already noticed that many game acquisitions seem to be validated upon an initial play because there's something fun about learning a game, but then I subsequently find out that my gaming group always wants to revert to the "standards", games they are familiar with.

    I suspect the vast majority of hobby gamers do the same, buy games hoping to play them but are unable to get their less-passionate gaming group members to take them up on it with enough frequency.

  6. YOU are a very brave couple – thanks for this excellent video!

  7. The last couple of years I brought my collection from 96 games down to 23, because I get a restless feeling of all those games on the shelf that don't get played; just having them means nothing to me. 20 of 23 games I have played 4 times or more this year. AND… I have friends who own boardgames, so their collection is a sort MY collection too 🙂

  8. I must ask – why the hard hard number of 118/50%? Feels kind of arbitrary? I have a yearly cleansing of games and may someday limit myself to 100 games in my collection – but I feel like while getting rid of games I never play is cathartic – getting rid of games that have emotional value is not – so I'm really curious why you did that to hit an arbitrary number. Was there a dare or bet involved?

  9. Wow – what an emotional trip! My local hobby shop hosts a used game auction a couple times a year, I usually try to dump 5-10 games each time.

  10. Nice video, though I think there is a bit of the reviewer problem here. People not getting review copies are likely to have far less of an overabundance problem.

  11. Ouch that was brutal. Thank you, you are both very brave and I hope you don't wake up screaming in a panic of realization that something may be gone forever…shiver… Now you can have all the fun of building your collection up again, look at all that free space.

  12. Curious, how quick is the inflow? Like do you get sent a new game per week? per month etc? Curious because I want to know how much buffer room your cleaning got you. Also, how long did it take to accumulate this collection? And it wasnt super clear, but am I understanding correctly that vast majority of these were review copies? Which would make it easier to let go since you didnt pay for them?

  13. I'm pushing 450 games now (including expansions) – I have two 5×5 Kalax's full, as well as some other smaller ones, and piles of games all over the house! I can totally relate. The struggle is real! I don't know what happened …only a few years ago I had like 50 games…and now this!

  14. I was inspired by you to give away half of my boardgame collection as well. The joy of seeing how happy the recipients were to have them was sorely needed. Thank you for this.

  15. I culled about 25% of my collection earlier this year and overall has been nice I have some space for once for the incoming kickstarters

    Looking at the list. Man dinosaur world I love that one so much. Race for the Galaxy and point salad would also hurt if it was my own collection.

  16. I have absolutely traded away wedding present games

  17. For smaller, quicker, games, check also with local teachers/schools. In the U.S. we also have Boys And Girls Clubs…maybe there are after-school programs that will use them.

  18. This is inspirational…you did a Marie Kondo! I'll try.
    Bravo 👍

  19. I was hoping to be inspired to cut down my collection until you said “I’m not a collector ,” now there’s no hope haha. I have a significant collector gene in me lol.

  20. I got rid of Oceans too. I was really excited by the art and theme but we never really connected with the whole Evolution gameplay.

  21. I understand. I did the same to 30% of my collection last month

  22. That moment you go, "Do I even have a 'local boardgame cafe?'" and the answer is, "No.'"

    Also, sad about Oceans. I love that game and it's so pretty.

  23. I agree with you. I keep the ones I play the most.

  24. You are sufh a good person and 5his video you made highlights that wonderfully.

  25. Huh, i really don't understand why would letting root go would be easy, i am waiting for a full big box complete collector deluxe edition to drop, i can barely hold myself to buy all of the current stuff.

  26. Last month I also gave away 4 board games. Sometimes it's best to get rid of material stuff to make life simple again. I also feel like it sets you free again in a weird way.

  27. i can get rid of a quarter of my games but half? hell no! lol

  28. hey, on the positive side! now you got more space for games lmao!

  29. Happily when I started in the hobby my boyfriend found boring the third game I bought. So, I sold it and since that to me it is very natural to sell games I don't like or those that are already burn. Is wierd to me how people feels happy for having unopened games or games that they haven't play in years (no shade to collectors). On the other hand, I'm happy to see your video, hope someone learn this healthy behavior.

  30. My wife and I started a campaign of pandemic legacy S1 with a group, and then had to move about half way through. We ended up just carrying it on as a two player, but I still have a shrinkwrapped box of season two waiting in the wings that I just can't see happening with a full group anymore. Time to send it on to someone else I guess.

  31. When are you gonna deal with that massive eclipse box 😀 Also funnily enough, you kept all the games I have.

  32. Could have easily picked A Feast for Odin, and wait for the next stand alone expansion, Danes next year.

  33. Upset to see Pax Pamir 2nd Ed going. A game I’ve wanted for so long but never even come close to owning.

  34. Can't believe you got rid of beyond the sun 😰

  35. Ws as a family play 2 a week, as a open house for others use to play 10 a week. Pandemic as made us sit and see just how many of our hundreds of games did not get played. Trying to find best way to get rid of most our collection, but not lose too much the cost.

  36. Watergate is a fun game, also pretty small. I feel you could have hidden it somewhere and act like you did get rid of it.

  37. Maybe the best point of this is, when you now play a game… it's all games you really like to play…

  38. I did this with boardgames, comics, books, records, badges, tour programs, you name it. The majority had never seen the light of day for the past 25 years. At the end of the day I looked at it all as wads of cash sat there. Ended up with a nice bank float i tell you.

  39. I can thank my wife for preventing me from such drastic measures to begin with. When we moved together, she said that she doesn't care how many games I own as long as the shelf space can never ever expand to as it was back then. So at one point I had to start sorting out a game for every new one I got. It doesn't improve on the feelings of loss, but it refines my thought process on every purchase I make. I see it as an incredible help to appreciate what I have and restrict what could be otherwise very impulsive purchasing behavior.

  40. I feel you: in the past 2 years, I've been moving through 4 cities and 1 country.
    I did sell most part of my collection too, but eventually renewed it so much, I'm very happy with the result.

  41. Finally!!! Yes <3 Minimalism is important for life balance (no, not the extremist version). + when you have fewer options youll throw more games you love on the table more often.
    my stuff is all on a 2×4 kallax. 41 games.
    youll find you rarely regret culling. tzolkin (base game only) is the only game im iffy on rebuying. it was lots of fun.

  42. I feel you … Getting rid of the games that are "okay" or even "good" is fairly easy. When games get "This is great. i really like this" it get's HARD. Right now i don't know if i will get grid of Dixit. It was one of my first games in the hobby and the first one my wife really liked but we haven't played it in 4 years and it doesn't look like it will get played in the next weeks or so.

  43. man…you sound devastated and liberated at the same time. This was such a satisfying and inspiring watch.

  44. I have mostly played Captain Sonar 2 player, and haven't really had the opportunity to play 8 people, but it's still tense and loads of fun.

  45. Having not even read through the rulebook completely yet. I had already bought card sleeves and reusable stickers for Gloomhaven because I can not handle having to throw it away after we play it. I have a few people now who are too young, but hopefully we will be able to play through again when they are older.

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