GIANT Arcade Basketball Board Game vs TEAM EDGE! -

GIANT Arcade Basketball Board Game vs TEAM EDGE!

Josh Horton
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GIANT Arcade Basketball Board Game vs TEAM EDGE! Check out Team Edge’s video Worlds Largest Basketball Arcade Face-Off –
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  1. Whomever is recording and editing suck. I'm.sry. Hahah

  2. Hey man! I’ve been watching you guys since my senior year in high school believe it or not! But now I’m going to be a father! Super Happy how far you all have gotten! Miss Mathias! Still enjoy your channel and all other ones you have created! Keep going!!

  3. If people knew there was another "Bobby" related YouTube video. This video would have way more then 10k views.

    Love you Josh, Joey and Bryan.keep making the Gold.

  4. Seeing this video and the fact that booby is no longer on team edge makes me cry.

  5. This was shot a while ago. Sad to see Bobby knowing he's not there anymore 🙁

  6. Josh didn't use a football for his turn. Cheater lol. You could see on his face what he was doing it

  7. I hope you enjoy winning from your throne of lies Josh! You were supposed to throw a football next turn. The game is void.

  8. Bobby did so well, and even had some trick shots too

  9. Glad to see Bobby in this one. Gonna miss him in the videos

  10. Bobby’s double switch was incredible and it was hilarious that he thought it was over just to be reminded he had to vs Josh 😂
    You’ll be missed Bob!

  11. Horton didn’t use a football for the make 1 row 4. He cheated.

  12. Sweet glory, that was the fastest outro I've ever seen! XD Good game, Josh.

  13. Josh cheated to reach the finals he has to use a football and he used a normal basketball that's cheating to reach to finals didn't expect from him

  14. Josh forgot to take the shot with the football so he didn’t really win lol I demand a rematch 😂

  15. Josh Horton awesome are very good in basketball and being juggler too l loves the tricks that you do ❤😮

  16. Josh didn't use a football after that turn…

  17. Great video, although I'm not a huge fan of the subtitles. Can you go back to how they usually look?

  18. I’m so glad you got to play them on that course! When they posted that video I instantly wished you made an appearance in it.

  19. Josh didn't use the football on his next turn that's not fair

  20. It would be fin to see the greatest shooters u know plus u to do this basketball board game like Austin j mills and Caleb and Jenna

  21. Josh didn’t use the football on his last turn… that he supposedly won

  22. Sad seeing Bobby. But happy he is in the vid

  23. josh u cheated in the final shot u made to go to the finales you were supposed to use a football

  24. Josh forgot to use the football and he still won😂😂

  25. I love when Josh says to find Pikachu, Bobby just searches up a picture of Pikachu on his phone lol!

  26. Josh cheated everyone disliked till they rematch

  27. not going to lie….i don't even know what Tseries is

  28. Happy Happy Birthday Josh!! ❤❤ I dont know where else I can tell you. 😂😂

  29. Congratulations on 1M subscribers and Happy Birthday

  30. He skipped his football turn and won first round with granny shot. Disqualified! 😂

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