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Hey guys! This was an awesome challenge inspired by Morgz so go check out his video too!

morgz giant board game challenge:

This was so embarrassing!

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  1. I hate jeddah
    Not a hate comment for ameerah and paul and rest of fam epect jeddah

  2. She did not run fully around he gave her two or one extra seconds.

  3. Ameera I'm just going to go up to Scribe actual Channel by

  4. I remember this being the very first video I watched of them 😊

    Who’s still watching this in 2022 and coming into 2023?

  5. who is watching this in 2022 ? I am btw

  6. Lol Jeddah just got bad karma for making fun of ameerah

  7. 2022 is weird. Literally when I saw this video my brain went **Flashback to the alphabet challenge when Paul said " $250?! That's a lot of money! " I- like- BRUH

  8. I am crying because ameerah switched with Jeddah

  9. Jordan acting like the saleri is bad
    Paul is horrified of the saleri

  10. Who is watching this in 2022 am I the only one🤔🤔🤔

  11. I’m watching this in 2022 😂 bit late 😊

  12. Did anyone see Ameerah walking in the house when Jay was rlly badly wobbling or was it just me 😂

  13. pov ammerah soots pauls dick in the first punshishment

  14. Was it just me or did Ameerah move twelve spaces when she got roll twice?

  15. I watched this in 2020, but I'm watching it again in 2022, almost 2023!

  16. Paul is totally looking beautiful and cute

  17. whos watching this in January 1 2023 or just 2023

  18. Paul is soo cute his little curls when his hair is wet 😍😍😍 and he reminds me of crainer on yt who’s does gaming with jelly and Slogo/josh talks the same and everything

  19. It’s 2023 now I haven’t been watching you seen 2019

  20. Who is watching this in 2023 to like or comment!btw me❤

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