Global most played board games over time from 2000 to 2023 -

Global most played board games over time from 2000 to 2023

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Bar chart race of unique user plays recorded on (smoothed out a bit). It’s fascinating how game playing trends change over time.

BGG recorded plays:

A few top games over time: Catan, Ticket to Ride, Carcassonne, Agricola, Dominion, 7 Wonders, Splendor, Terraforming Mars, Azul, Wingspan, Ark Nova.

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  1. That was not the cleanest video. Too quick, and it's not really clear what I'm really looking at. Unique gamers only? Or could it be the same unique user with multiple plays of the same game? Physical game sessions only? Or online, too? Dominion has its own online site, and I highly doubt those plays are getting logged on BGG, but that would've kept it on this the entire time, I imagine.

  2. Fascinating to see how much the hobby has expanded over the years. The dramatic rise in numbers can probably be attributed to apps like BGStats that makes logging plays so easy.

    It is interesting witching the ebb and flow and how so many people embrace the cult of the new. Only one game stayed in the list the whole time – Carcassonne.

  3. Wow, wasn't expecting those results. I'll never buy Ticket to Ride. I work on trains for a living. Dont want a game that reminds me of my job, thanks. Spend enough time there already. Birds don't interest me in the slightest so WingSpan is totally out for me. Same with Ark Nova. Since I am looking at light, easy games as new to them and for my Mrs and 8yo granddaughter, not into any competitive games as they are deadly in rships so more into the coop type. The closest on the list I have is Carcassonne and yet to play as moving overseas to be with my Mrs and family.

  4. Perhaps equally as interesting is watching how the website traffic to the site increases from a few hundred to 125k.

  5. the fact that ive never played any of these board games 💀

  6. Thanks for the video but the title is very misleading (read, untrue). These aren't the most played board games during this time period. One has to select the video, then read the description to learn that it's only plays that have been recorded on one specific website. I'm not saying it's clickbait but…

  7. According to stats from BGG. Sadly, this is not a reflection of reality, only board game nerds like me who actually log their play. Outside of that I'd wager games like Monopoly is the still leader by a mile.

  8. Very cool idea. Thank you for putting this together. Just goes to show how varied the hobby is and how quickly things can rise and fall in popularity and how different the exposure of the enthusiast (BGG) community is from the casual, mass-market player.

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