Good vs Bad Superpower? (Wavelength) -

Good vs Bad Superpower? (Wavelength)

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Good vs Bad Superpower?!
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  1. The people that know the rank almost always play this game wrong if the ranking is close but not the bottom, always picking the absolute worst or best promt for that category.

  2. Y'all, it's worshter-shusher-sire- sauce😭

  3. the way i was thinking worcestershire sauce before she said it

  4. All chilling until she says, llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch. And as a Welsh person, I can gladly say that I can pronounce this

  5. If you look closely at how it’s spelled it technically should be pronounced /war-sester-shire/ but for some reason no one can agree on a name for it. How about we collectively call it “the goofy sauce”?

  6. The way at the start of the video without even knowing if it was going to be hard or easy I just say Worcestershire sauce

  7. Bro very body has that super power cus nobody 3ft tall 😂

  8. Lake  Chargoggagoggmanchauggauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg

    lake, Massachusetts, United States

  9. I just tought it but than they said it. Can youtube read my mind?

  10. Umm
    Lung disease

  11. If the water is 3ft deep wouldn’t most people be above the water anyway

  12. As someone from Worcestershire
    Not even close

  13. Only Americans over pronounce the word so much. Look, it’s pronounced, wus-ter-sher-sauce

  14. It's pronounced: war-chest-er saus

  15. Pov: Your from south africa and its very easy to say Worcestershire sauce.

  16. Try hippoptomonstrosusquepidaliaphobia (I am not sure if I spelled it correctly, but it's the fear of long words)

  17. "she said it wrong" almost like…thats the point

  18. I have that sauce but my family just calls it “woo” lol

  19. She looks like the babysitter from incredibles

  20. Its ackshually pronouned "Wooster Shiyer"

  21. Nah cause how did I guess she was going to say that lmao

  22. What this game doesn’t make sense can someone explain

  23. Worstsistersauce is what I call it 😂😂😂

  24. Bro I still don't understand how this game works

  25. second one, would have said camouflage. if you can camouflage, you might as well have the superpower of invisibility

  26. She built like the baby sitter from the incredibles

  27. I live in Worcester it is pronounced wuss ter

  28. Why would being able to breathe underwater a bad power? Literally no downsides its good no matter what

  29. Wor-chester-shire (wür-chesta-shyér) it's pretty easy to pronounce

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