Great Board Games for 5+ Players (No Party Games) | High Player Count Games -

Great Board Games for 5+ Players (No Party Games) | High Player Count Games

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We’ve seen the question a lot recently – what are some good games that you can play with MORE than 4 Players – but no party games! So, we came up with 13 games from our personal collection that play with at least 5 players – and we didn’t cheat and include a bunch of roll and writes either!

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00:00 Introduction
02:06 Wonderland’s War –
04:49 Lockup –
06:47 Castle Panic –
08:16 Creature Comforts –
09:49 It’s a Wonderful World –
11:42 Moonrakers –
13:35 Red Rising –
15:47 Cindr –
17:42 Picture Perfect –
19:45 Plunder: A Pirates Life –
21:58 Tiny Towns –
22:52 Arcana Rising –
24:20 Between 2 Castles –

Most board games play up to 4 players, for good reason. The more players, the longer the game takes, the more downtime there is between turns, 4 players is probably much more common that 5 players so adding more players adds more cost for components a player count that won’t be used that much. But, we’ve seen the question over and over again – what are some good games for more than 4 players? So we put together a list that consists of some light games, some medium games, some fun family games, and some more strategic games – but there’s no party games and no roll and writes, and only one of the games featured in this video requires an expansion to be able to play at that higher player count.

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Play the Game features a dedicated board game playthrough studio with 7 cameras, a custom board game table, an awesome custom made back-lit logo on the wall, and tons of easter eggs sprinked through the studio space.

Play the Game is also the home of the Kidsplaining tutorial series, where Jarred (12) and Peyton (9) teach some of our favorite games in high quality, scripted board game tutorial videos. Kidsplaining started as a way to share our love of board games and help those who were intimidated by more complicated modern board games take a chance on new ones – because if a kid can teach it, how hard can it be?


  1. He needs to talk less and stop talking over her. She has a more engaging voice, whereas his is a bit monotone.

  2. Hey, thanks for the video, one recommendation would be to also show some material/contents of the boardgames you are talking about. Probably a good way is to show some b-roll

  3. Imagine having more than 3 friends 😭😭😭😭

  4. Lots of good here. We have 3 kids, thus 5 games and play with other people regularly. I'll try to compile my list later – yet the couple we have been doing recently that have not been mentioned are: Marvel United (X-men or newer); Northguard (had 4 max so far); Star Wars Clone Wars (Pandemic); Flamecraft; Space Base; then some smaller ones like Startups, Jabbas Palace (Love Letters), Here To Slay.

  5. Solid list. The only one I’m not a huge fan of it tiny towns. Personally would rather play azul but I get the player count is limited to 4 with that game.

  6. Great options. Wonderlands war is definitely a rising star in my collection. Between two castles is a great high player count. Cindr really does provide some hilarious moments in the right group.
    I always have to fall back on 7 wonders when talking about high player counts, as well as sushi go (can you tell I like drafting games?)

  7. I feel like Daniel is flipping the lids the wrong way just for your reaction on the videos 😂

  8. 5 or 6 player non-party game I’m going with Cosmic Encounter. 8 I’m going with Dececption: Murder in Hong Kong.

  9. How about every Calliope Game ever published? 🙂

  10. Here's some I like (trying to avoid ones that can play 5+, but aren't great at 5+ imo):
    7 Wonders
    Betrayal at House on the Hill
    Dead of Winter
    Fantasy Realms
    King's Dilemma
    Magic Maze
    The Thing: Infection at Outpost 31

  11. Good list. I enjoyBtw two Castles and have been looking forward to trying Picture Perfect.
    Some more games I really enjoy at higher counts that are worth looking into:
    For Sale
    Quacks of Quedlenburg (technically needs an expansion for 5th board)
    Awkward Guests
    Deception:Murder in Hong Kong
    Camel Up
    No Thanks

    And if you don’t mind a step up in complexity
    Rising Sun

  12. Thank you for this list. Our family (ages 13-45) loves 7 Wonders, Mysterium, Ticket to Ride, Dice Throne, Disney Villainous, Catan, Machi Koro, Raccoon Tycoon, Backyard Chickens, Horrified, and Pandemic (we play base game with five even though the box says four) as well

  13. Wonderland's war was the first game that came to mind when I thought about 5 player games, it really is fantastic.

  14. Definitely get the premium chips. I love Wonderlands War, but I don't think it would be as high on my list with cardboard tokens honestly.. just something about the weight of each chip.. just knowing you pulled a damn madness chip at the worst time.

  15. To speed up Creature Comfort, I bought extra sets of color matching dice for each player. After a player's role, everyone flips their four dice to match the role and we place the dice in real time. Otherwise, the game overstays it's welcome. Especially at high player counts.

  16. I would love this game to play with my daughter and get her into worker placement games… i think this would be a great start. I just gotta find it first lol

  17. First time viewer. Good list! I'll have to check out wonderlands, and It's a Wonderfull kingdom is excellent at 5! I'd also agree with someone else's suggestions 7 Wonders (architects for kids) and Sushi Go Party + Mysterium. One piece of (hopefully) constructive critisisme: Especially Daniel you interrupt Alison a lot, It was super distracting, to the point where I had a hard time focusing on the content (gets better as the video goes on). Please let each other finish your sentences 😊 other than that, this was rly good! Subscribed!

  18. I liked your recommendations but you guys talk over each other so much.

  19. lady you are little annoying and interrupting the dude. be nice, i do not wish to play in a group with you.

  20. Enjoyed the list, but the amount of taking over each other was pretty frustrating to watch.

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