Great Board Games Gifts! | Holiday Gift Guide -

Great Board Games Gifts! | Holiday Gift Guide

The Brothers Murph
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It’s coming up on the time where a lot of people are buying gifts for the upcoming holiday season! And if you are buying gifts, board games are a great way to go! So here is our list for great games to buy as gifts during the holidays!

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0:00 Intro
1:08 Stocking Stuffer (small games)
4:31 White Elephant Gifts
7:57 Games for the Whole Family
11:34 Cozy Games
14:14 Kids Games
17:21 Step-Up Games
21:19 Deeper Dive Games
25:49 2 Player Games

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  1. Patchwork Christmas is a nice easy one. <3

  2. I want Hadrian's Wall for Christmas 🎄. I might get that gingerbread game for the family 🥰 Thank you for recommending!

  3. If you had 2 sets of King of 12, could you play with 6, or would the percentages of people playing the same card just be too high? Looks like if you order through Lucky Duck's shop, they include a set of 2 promo cards

  4. I feel I have made a mistake, or not, as I just bought 4 copies of Sushi Go! to gift out.

  5. Honestly, you could revisit this exact video with new games once every week between now and Christmas.

  6. What a great list. I am definitely going to be a board game evangelist this holiday season,. ERRY BODY GETTING A BG from me lol

  7. Hanamikoji: great two player game! Quick, easy to teach, packaged in a small game.

  8. My family does tictacs and bathroom spray for stocking stuffers, also m&ms. Nothing over $5 pretty much. Also mom just bought Christmas bingo themed around elves to bring to my Grandmother's. So idk if that is worth being on the list cascadia is on my bucket list. I wonder how the card game is for castles of burgundy? My family just likes simple hasboro games. Tho funny you mention codenames duet. My parents like it and mon just bought it last week.

  9. You guys know how to put together a list. Nice.

  10. Lots of great suggestions! I put a few on my own wishlists, so maybe someone will gift me one of two of them this year!

  11. I recently got Grove, I think it would make an excellent stocking stuffer!

  12. You know what could be a good and helpful list in a similar vain? A list of non-games for gamers. For example, what are good gaming bags? What things can be bought to deluxify various games such as good metal coins or other “geek up bits”. Maybe even furniture such as shelving or kallax-type things. Just a thought!

  13. At this point, probably just expansions for games I already own, e.g. really want to get Feast for Odin: The Norwegians.

  14. ❤️ King of 12! Thanks for the love, it's such an underrated gem 💎

  15. Added a few on to the master list. Thanks for the ideas!

  16. Hey guys! Great video! I like Juicy Fruits as much as you do. My wife totally crushed me by buying all the ice cream. Did you find this to be a problem in your plays of the game. I thought about giving each player a random ice cream token to start the game. Maybe it's just me ?? Thanks guys.

  17. Thanks for all this info — my little guy is just turning 6 and really getting into basic games. Love the look of strike looks like a fun game for our family.

  18. Fantastic set of games. Now if only I could find a way to get my family to play games, I'm set. I love that nearly all of these games are readily available at retail outlets, most of these games do not require you to visit a game store to find them. Many are available at Target or Walmart, and nearly all can be found at Barnes & Noble, though individual store selection does vary. So if a family member plays this game at your holiday gathering and wants to get the game for themselves, they don't have to search high and low to get them.

  19. I absolutely adoooore Juicy Fruits. Amazing solo mode, too… really wanna try Gingerbread for the holidays this year.

  20. Just gifted our friend (who loves all things Portugese) Cafe. And the only thing I want for xmas is A Feast for Odin.

  21. I keep hinting to get Star Wars Clone Wars and Palm Island. They look great

  22. Thanks for getting your gift guide out early. These are my favorite videos other than top 10s.

  23. Have ya'll played "Space Dragons"? I wouldn't have thought much about it, but it was on discount and I got it for Ben, mostly. I think you guys might really like this one. It's a card game, and it "feels" simple, but the decisions you make are incredibly important. We've been really impressed with it. It's got a real zany theme: space aliens who want to capture outer space dragons to….I guess…say they did it? 😀 I am sure they let them go afterward.

  24. And here I purchased Monopoly: Longest Game Ever edition for my inevitable white elephant gift exchange this year. Was trying to walk the line of "No one wants this" and "This is dumb enough we should try it at least once" a bit too closely perhaps.

  25. Just got Splendor Duel and I think it’s a great one for a couple that likes games

  26. Thank you for covering this topic. Always look forward to your content.

  27. You all make some amazing board game related videos!

  28. Love your videos, and this one is no exception 😃
    Here are a few games that I think are great gifts:
    Stocking Stuffer (small games) – Push
    White Elephant Gifts – Junk Art
    Games for the Whole Family – Telestrations
    Cozy Games – Christmas Tree
    Kids Games – Kingdomino
    Step-Up Games – the Quest for El Dorado, Nidavellir
    Deeper Dive Games – First Rat, Isle of Skye
    2 Player Games – Botanik

  29. Great ideas! Thanks for sharing! I love to play Ticket to Ride Nordic Countries this time of year.

  30. I just asked wife to get me The Crew: Quest for Planet 9. It was on sale for $5, no brainer for a small gift. 6nimmit would also make a great White Elephant gift for $10.

  31. Wingspan: Asia, greatest Christmas gift this year for two players

  32. When I’m asked what game I want as a gift I send a list with options so it’s still a surprise for me but something I don’t have/do want. Always have a range of of prices as well so they can pick.
    Dungeon Petz has appeared on every list but is sadly still missing from the collection. Hopefully Christmas 2022 🤞

  33. I like Gingerbread house….after the stickers I put on certain parts of the game and ignoring the whole eating fairy tale characters….I kept it because I will just tell kids you put the characters in time out in your jail for a few minutes and then you say, "Please, come to me to eat cookies instead of my house next time." And then you let them go. Yeah. I'm…me. 😀

  34. White Elephant Gifts is a great category for this, never would have thought of that.

  35. juicy fruits doesnt come with chunky fruit pieces anymore

  36. I reviewed Overstocked, a 90s toy card game with Tamagotchis and Beanie Babies. It would be a good stocking stuffer too. Or white elephant gift if you work in a millennial (90s kids) office. My office does white elephant digitally, so no need for odd shaped boxes.

  37. Here's my obligatory comment to support youtube activity and TBM. I hope this contributes 0.01$ revenue!

  38. Stocking stuffers could also be upgrades for someone you know wants metal coins, or the wooden meeples for a game they have. but how could you not mention High Society! such a great little card game that would be well received in a white elephant or in a stocking

  39. Junk art is on my list this year cuz I really want a dexterity game in my collection

  40. Unfortunately as of 11/4/22, Scout is currently unavailable through the on-line boardgames shops. For stocking stuffers I suggest people check out Button Shy Games with their wallet games.

  41. Your description of the game Juicy Fruits has a hauntingly accurate comparison to the flavor of Juicy Fruit gum – "came of the scene with a bang, and quickly disappeared and was forgotten about."

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