Guess Who, But With VIBES Only | House Rules -

Guess Who, But With VIBES Only | House Rules

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  1. When I started watching this video I was not expecting to be hit with "I sense a lot of loneliness in Rachel". Didn't realise I was in for some classic guess who psychoanalysis but honestly I'm so on board

  2. admittedly if Amy actually were a huge Disney fan she wouldnt be having all of those threesomes

  3. Me and my sister always just look at the people and describe them and we have to guess. Like Rachel looks like she works in HR and brings a salad for lunch every day. It makes the games short but 5x more hilarious

  4. This version of guess who is definitely judging a book by its cover

  5. thats the problem with "vibes"
    it can immediatly change…
    it depends on the person
    it can easily get the wrong person

  6. Ok so I’m named Ben and look exactly like that Ben but like I’m the exact opposite. I still agree I suck

  7. DYNEadvance - Game Boy games to relax and study to says:

    The single best opening Guess Who question ever: “they racist?”

  8. I'd love to see another combo of players playing guess who this way 🤣 like Laurie Vs Blair 🤣

  9. It feels like what you're actually playing here is:

    Guess who the other player is prejudiced about.

  10. Can we please get another episode of this oh my god it’s amazing

  11. I find it interesting how they interpreted the pictures differently from both each other and me. I saw Liz as a cool hipster type who had chosen to bleach their hair white but I guess that's the game's way of making age obvious while still making them "pretty". (I'm sure there used to be a lil more variety in looks than that Disney pixar esque vibe!)

  12. Omg, this was so good! I've never seen any of your other videos but this randomly came up in my recommended and I'm so glad it did. It cracks me up how these conventional-looking people can have such clear vibes. "Look at this couple of alt-right weebs" killed me!

  13. this is the only good way to play guess who, glad the word's getting out lol

  14. My friends and I play this!!!! We call it subjective guess who.

  15. It’s funny that the game got easier as they developed everyone’s character lol

  16. I need to try this with my friends! It looks soooo fun

  17. I love this video so much! I hope they do another round of this 😀

  18. Are there two cards of each character in the deck? I thought it's only one, so I was wondering why they didn't eliminate their own characters in the first round. 🤔

  19. I used crazy questions for this all the time when I was a kid. The questions were based on strange things like if the hair artwork was made of bubbles or lines? Is the person slightly facing left? Of course the older version had things they changed, like big or small noses, but in that old version I could pin it down in like 3 questions. Very fun game to try and break.

  20. I feel like playing this gamemode grows racism xD

  21. This is the 2nd greatest video about board games in the history of YouTube.

  22. this is the best video I've watched all day

  23. please do this game again, that was great.

  24. It was painful watching them both knock down the character after the second round of questions!

  25. Sorry. Jordan on the board is DEFINITELY a cat person.

  26. As a redhead I wholeheartedly agree

    down with gingers

  27. I love knowing who each person has, because it's really fascinating to see exactly what makes people drop the correct answer when it happens. Lol

  28. Guess Who is a great game to mess around with using house rules. My ex and I played once replaced all of the game's characters with people who we went to high school with and it was a blast. And because we actually knew things about these people we could ask things like "were they in geometry class with us in 8th grade?" and "would you care if you never saw this person again?"

  29. Reminds me of when Drumsy did this with his friend Illy.

  30. 12:14 The editor defending Brooke was surprisingly wholesome. Also look at her accomplishments, holy shit, Brooke is super cool.

  31. I remember playing this with my friends last year and asking things like “gaslight, gatekeep, or girlboss”

  32. Ben and Amy are a match made in hell. This is a fun idea.

  33. We played this game in college and called it "Does he look like a bitch?" or "Sam Jackson"

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