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Have we played the Board Game Geek top 100? (BGG Series)

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Today, we are starting a new series of videos, heavily inspired by @FostertheMeeple
They have a fantastic series where they look through the top list at BGG and see how many games they have played from it!

And that is what this series will be! A journey trough the top x games on Board Game Geek (100 each episode). A few comments, have we played it, will we play it, have Sunniva heard about it?

All this, and not much more, in this video!

We hope you’ll like it!

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  1. Great video, very fun! I've played and/or owned about 70 of these; of the 30 I haven't played, I think Obsession is the only one I actually WANT to play, so I'm quite content with my average, lol.

  2. I watch y’all because I think you are funny and seen like kind, good people. So I just enjoy your videos. This video is helpful because it helps me know if either of your tastes align with mine per your snapshot opinions. I’m sad y’all rushed past Blood Rage, that’s a game I know well and would learn your interests from

  3. This was fun! I love all your content so I’m here for whatever y’all want to do! 🙂

  4. Man, El Grande is one of those games that I'd love to try since it's a grandparent of the whole modern area control genre but jeez it is expensive. I'm almost glad that you weren't too keen on it so i don't feel like I'm missing out that much.

  5. Interesting to have a quick overview of a range of games.

  6. Wish I had the time you guys do! There were 29 that I have played and 18 I really want to try. I'd play almost anything though 😉

  7. Why would you cull Spirit Island? Why!? The horror!

  8. 21 that I have played, my husband has played 33. Enjoed this!

  9. 45/100 for me. There are probably about ten on the list I haven't played and would like to, but it goes to show how subjective these ratings are as almost half of the games don't interest me at all.

    Well done with the number you've played – I can see why content creation is a good fit for you. 😊

  10. I’ve heard, as well, that “Shipwrights of the North Sea” wasn’t good. So, Garphill Games is redesigning the game and hopefully the second time around will be much improved. It is currently renamed as “Shipwrights of the North Sea: Redux”. According to its BGG page it is scheduled for a 2024 release.

  11. I have played 30/100 🙂 some of them just digitally to try it out, but I count it. I would say there are 10-20 of the games I would like to play, but probably only 5 or so that I anticipate I would like to purchase after trying them

  12. 2 Boyd’s.. not planned, no relation (but I’m sure they’re awesome) 🙂

  13. Best line wax's you in the and says your stupid 😂❤lol

  14. Great Video. I'm probably about 50 hours into The Crew: Mission deep sea. I can't wait to get to the story that you speak of!!

  15. Was hoping you would say more if you like/disllike a game. Ark Nova for example….you said you played it but did not comment on it….maybe not your cup of tea?

  16. I’ve played 29(30). You should test too many bones. It’s just more fun that it may look.

  17. definitely looking forward to 101-200! will be even more interesting to see your 'game gaps'.

  18. As the many years have gone by on BGG preselection bias and it’s inflation of ratings shows more and more.

  19. Oof you hurt my heart with the marvel champions comment. Love that game. It is just a math efficiency puzzle with super heroes though so I get it haha.

  20. How can you not want to play Nemesis?! 😱
    It's one of the best games out there !

  21. Fun video!

    79/100 for me, I have some notable "holes" though.

    War of the Ring, Terra Mystica, and Brass Lancashire probably being the worst offenders!

    While you're doing this it would be great to have some snap "opinions" about the game, maybe something as simple as "loved it", "liked it", "not for me" sort of thing! (which you were doing for some of the games), it felt like if you did not give an opinion that you disliked the game (which I am 99% sure is not true).

  22. I love the counter guys! I really enjoy your channel. Thanks.

  23. I have played 46 🙂
    Somehow I would like to play them all, but there are quite few I have no interest in at all – like Eclipse, Twilight Imperium, KDM, and the Star Wars stuff.

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