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Have You Been Playing This Game Incorrectly? #boardgames #boardgaming

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  1. what about chaining do you chain ? like if 3 were on 2 close by then is spreads and spreads again

  2. Plague Inc is my alternative to Pandemic. It's a great competitive game for those of us who want to win or lose on our own.

  3. Ha, Ive played that game at a meetup just before Omicron broke out (I'm german, BTW). Not sure how we played it, we may have done it wrong. Was still fun. Didn't expect this game to show up here.

  4. I've been playing it the right away, but I can totally see that rule being over looked

  5. Great shorts idea! As always, excellent work!

  6. I was already confused when he said desiesed cubes lol😂

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