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HEAT: Pedal to the Metal is my Favourite Racing Game

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  1. Is that the street fighter 2 music I hear at random times in the video?

  2. I think you should put the "SU&SD recomended" logo in the thumbnail, it will make the video get more views

  3. Great video. I got this game just in time to play one lap with my wife before leaving for Christmas. We loved it and can’t wait to play it much more. I also love the 60s open wheel racing theme; those lotus cars were the most beautiful imho.

  4. The small audio clips in this video are the frosting on the cake

  5. Sorry, its just a poorly reskinned Formula De. Minus the dozens of tracks of course. You guys crashed this one out.

  6. I would buy this right now if it were half the price.

  7. My grandma always said to go before you set out, so you won't need to whiz around the track.

  8. I bought this game before the review. Good luck finding it now lol

  9. Is it better than Flamme Rouge? Is it worth buying if you already have Flamme Rouge? I feel like Tom overlooked a very important comparison here.

  10. This really does seem like an amazing game 😀 my grandpa also always loved Formula 1, so it'd be really fun to play this with him 🙂

  11. HEAT: Pedal to the Metal might be good, but its no HEAT: Pedal to the Metal

  12. Reminds me a little of Formula D. I’ll probably enjoy the card elements more than I do D’s dice rolling. Also this looks far more affordable.

  13. I appreciate the inclusion of Ken's theme, really appropriate

  14. Okay, but do you make car noises every time you play?

  15. I'm glad I bought the game befote this review and before price goes up xD

  16. Managed to snag this for my wife literally as soon as it was mentioned in your gift guide episode and it's looking like it's going to be the best spur of the moment Christmas gift ever! But also, why is Danny Devito in your window, Tom?

  17. Tom could review spoons and i would be there for it

  18. Who is the dude lurking I the window at the upper right corner?

  19. Who is that Christmas Elf in front of the window blinds? Seen e.g. at the 4 min mark.

  20. That tiny snippet of Rapp Snitches. 😂

  21. I like the tim rogers doom shotgun sound effect

  22. How does this game compare and fits in if you already have other racing games like flamme rouge, camel cup, formula D, down force.

  23. Copies of Heat having been racing off the shelves since this was released…

  24. Tom, I love your T-Shirt, your taste is impeccable

  25. Was that the music from the video game outrun? nicely added !

  26. Yep have to buy this one too i guess thanks Tom im broke now 😂

  27. Love the Outrun music in the background!

  28. Why didn’t you mention that you can play it solo?

  29. be careful: you cannot chain multiple slipstreams.

  30. 0:15 some Doom-head snuck half a second of Rapp Snitches in the video, must be the christmas ghost or something

  31. this sounds really interesting, but the added crunch makes it sound more of a boardgamers boardgame, whereas I can confidently get Flame Rouge out and teach it in it's entirety to anyone in under a minute. It doesn't look like there's enough difference in the core card mechanic to warrant having both games in a collection?
    Whereas (although having not played it) FormulaD at least has the more fundamentally different mechanic of the dice and gear shifts.

  32. Great review, per usual. I'm really loving all the classic video game sound effects and music getting cameos in Tom's videos

  33. Tom is such an amazing writer and reviewer. His language is a beautiful and so well crafted; you can tell he takes his time and takes joy in writing things out. His enthusiasm for gaming and the games he loves in infectious. His tone is calm and calming, and always respectful and humble. He’s a genius game reviewer. I admire many of them, but I can’t think of a better one. Wonderful job, Tom. Oh and the game looks magnificent. I love Flamme Rouge and will definitely get this. My only concern is it looks a bit more complicated than FR.

  34. how many times have SUSD make metaphors involving cakes?
    are they doing it on purpose at this point

  35. I'd love to see these guys review the Racing Line Board Game, I just got it and it's brilliant! Would love to hear what you guys think

  36. Well then. I just found my xmas gift to myself. Love racing board games.

  37. A comparison to Flamme Rouge would have been super helpful here. I already have that and would like to know if its worth £60 to have a car based version – albeit with some extra shinies… It sounds like Heat would be the one to pick if you were only going to have one of them?

  38. One other facet that I really appreciate about the game is that it actually has a useful insert, which even fits the cards when sleeved! I find it incredibly rare that any game has a keepable insert and even rarer that the occasional nice one fits sleeved cards which always leaves me with a dilemma. Considering how often you are repeatedly shuffling the same small stack of cards in this game I would highly recommend the addition of the sleeves here (Mayday 7076 dark purple 56mm x 87mm work great). The only downside to the insert is that the rulebooks are slightly too tall to sit inside the insert so they lie across it, so I may trim a few milimeters off the tops and bottoms for my own sanity.

  39. When Ken's Theme kicks in… (•_•)>⌐■-■ … (⌐■_■)

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