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Hextraction: The Free 3D-Printed Board Game You Make, Mod, and Master

Zack Freedman
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Put your hexagon to the testagon!
Sponsored and hosted by Thangs:
Inland PLA+ Filament (seen in video): 

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Inland Carbon Fiber (seen in video): 
All Inland Filament: 
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Rules and more:

Game boards:

Featured tiles:
Basic Tiles:
Trap Tiles:
Pachinko Tile:
Flip-Flop Tile:
Secret Tiles:
Sozu Tile:
Tile with Nothing:
Void Tile:
Holographic Tileframe:
Gear Tile:
Zoidberg Tile:
Jerk Tile:
Seek Tile:
Bomb Tile:
Teleport Tile:
Tile Built for Two:
King Tile:
Launcher Tile:
Title Card Tile:

RMRRF 2023 Tile by ericrkjones
Left/Right Randomizer by MrPancake
Randomizer by MrPancake
Z-DIC Tile by jacob.nowatzke

Shishi-odoshi SFX by morgantj
Stock footage from Storyblocks
Interference SFX from Partners in Rhyme
Other SFX from


  1. Am I doing something wrong? You said it takes 20 minutes per tile but for me it takes a hour and a half to print

  2. god, my mind is already spinning with ideas… such as, what if there was a randomizer tile with two dead ends, and it was also a bomb? what if there was a piece prone to sending balls sideways, and it was also limited to only being placed on the edge of the board?

  3. I have had my 3d printer sitting in its original shipping box for 3+ years. This is going to be the first thing my kids and I make.

  4. Would be nice if there were a list of the parts and quantities for each set so you don't have pause and rewind 100 times

  5. Absolutely brilliant game. Wish it was around 20 to 30 years ago. Thank you for this wonderful contribution.

  6. How do we get Inland into the AMS for Bambu?

  7. im never trusting zach freedman ever again 👹

  8. I love when you design not mere objects but systems under an open license. It's literal magic what comes from that

  9. Damn that's a lot of work! 👍🏻👍🏻

  10. Why the cyborg eyepiece? Google glass kinda thing. Kinda distracting

  11. Does anybody have an ID on that filament Zack uses for the finish line tiles? It looks like a sea-foam marble and I really like it.

  12. If I were to make it a bat-tile, it would be an effect tile that allows you to reveal one mistery tile in the board

  13. Heres a trap idea that may have been do e already but still: a tile which the trap goes inside the board and fits 3-4 balls and allows the balls to roll over once full

  14. I spent way toouch time on these, so I'm going to make you listen to me talk about it!


  15. Wait, you can't use the launch tile with drunk adults? Then what is the point? Lmao😂

  16. This is one of the most awesome things ive ive ever seen. You should sell this

  17. This looks fantastic and I can't wait to play it, but the instructions for printing the fancy board could be better. Pretty tricky to find the exact parts you need in the pile of STLs.

  18. this kind of gives me some pogs vibes. play your friends for tiles, for keeps? somehow…

  19. I feel the need to make a over-rotation tile that just slows the ball to a crawl as it goes through.

  20. Wait, One With Nothing is mildly esoteric? … I know too many Johnnys.

  21. Someone should make a cartoon about a young boy walking around a country playing Hextraction with random people he meets and collect special tiles.

  22. how long before this generation makes this digital

  23. It makes me sad knowing that as you’ve opted to make this free and open source, some Hasbro out there is definitely going to grab it sell it and make a million dollars.

  24. Time to spend every waking moment printing and or playing this game.

  25. Add the heatset nuts, idealy with heat 💀

  26. Couldn’t you turn the clone upside down and turn it into a ramp?

  27. LOL…I had to put my camera up to that QR code tile….sigh…."Never Gonna Give You Up" well played sir

  28. I've made a Modular remix! Allowing you to change the board to any shape you wish! Go to the original board page, its listed under remixes.

  29. The bamboo fountain thing.
    Otherwise known as the kill bill fountain

  30. my favorite (mod) tile is balls are stored in the P. (yes, it is real)

  31. I think i will make a tile called DEEZ NUTS, it's special effect is you can place the mod tile "balls are stored in the P" whenever a ball goes in it.

  32. This looks like a gridfinity 2 knockoff 🤔

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