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Highest Funded Board Games 2021

Tantrum House
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Kevin shares the highest funded board games on crowdfunding this year.

0:00 – 0:55 Intro
0:56 – 1:48 Primal the Awakening
1:49 – 2:36 Mythic Battles Ragnarok
2:37 – 3:36 Stellaris Infinite Legacy
3:37 – 4:37 Robinson Crusoe Collector’s Edition
4:38 – 5:44 Too Many Bones Unbreakable
5:45 – 6:24 Monster Hunter World The Board Game
6:25 – 7:19 Everdell the Complete Collection
7:20 – 8:56 Marvel United Xmen, Zombicide Undead or Alive, Masters of the Universe
8:57 – 9:42 Binding of Isaac Expansion
9:43 – 10:47 The Witcher Old World Board Game
10:48 – 11:19 Castles of Mad King Ludwig Collector’s Edition
11:20 – 11:32 Flamecraft Board Game
11:33 – 11:40 Root Marauders Expansion
11:41 – 11:47 Tiny Epic Dungeon
11:48 – 12:01 Marvel Dice Throne
12:02 – 12:42 Ending


  1. Wow I backed top 3 and 2. I was close to backing number 1 but I felt my group would not be into it as I am :/Hmm I though Divinus would of been mention. I know I backed that one

  2. Marvel Dice Throne is by far the most exciting!!! Can't WAIT for that one.

  3. Um, Avatar:Legends raised $9.5+million with 81,000+backers…. on Kickstarter. That beats Witcher…..

  4. We backed the Everdell collection and tiny epic dungeons! Excited to get those.

  5. The Ragnarok campaing was in Gamegound too

  6. Last year I backed Vindication, Everdell, and Edge of Darkness. All three were games I’ve played before, but didn’t own the all in of any (had lots of Everdell but selling it for the collectors edition). For me, I’m trying to hold to not purchasing any kickstarters unless I’ve played the game previously. I might miss out on gems I’ve taken a risk on in the past (notably MIND MGMT and Dwellings of Eldervale) but I’ll get burned less often as well.

  7. The only one of these games o hadn’t heard of was The Witcher one. The only game I backed in 2021 was the Everdell expansion.

  8. I actually think it makes more sense to go the other way : count the backers and do the honourable mention of the most money raised because like this you're bound to end up with the miniature board game categories of KS and GF.
    One I've backed and that still isn't there for me is namiji from KS. My favourite being cascadia.
    Let's see if the prediction of GF overtaking Kickstarter is true in 2022.

  9. I'm surprised that Avatar Legends: The Roleplaying Game (I think it made $9.5M) isn't on this list. Out of all of the ones covered, I backed Everdell, Flamecraft and Marvel Dice Throne… after Avatar Legends, I think the next biggest campaign I backed that wasn't mentioned was Darwin's Journey. 🙂

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