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Hikaru gave a takeback to Kasparov 😮

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In the 2016 Saint Louis Chess Club rapid & bitz event, during the second round, kasparov made a move and almost hit the clock but suddenly change the mind and alter the move. this whole incident catch lot of attention and this video shows the snippets of it. See yourself and enjoy the moment.

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Credit:- Saint Louis Chess Club
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  1. Gary's a dog for doing this… He knows exactly what's going on.

  2. turns should be based on pressing the timer, the “touch/let go” rule is so dumb

  3. I react like Hikaru on that. We know how Garry works. If it's not acknowledge, you can use that as a force, but just seeing him playing around is more enjoyable than seeing Hikaru beating him by a blunder + illegal move like that. The actual Top 5 Chess Player can surely beat him, today, since Garry isn't as the Top as he was, but it was more about seeing them playing together. Here, Hikaru act like a gentleman, the result wasn't that important and Hikaru seems he knows that.

    Thank you Hikaru!

  4. Classic Kasparov, dirty player. Uses his position to do things more junior players wouldn’t do. He didn’t take his hand off for a millisecond, he went all the way to the clock and back- he knows exactly what he did. Really bad sportsmanship

  5. lol idk why he even bothered to cheat here. He sud have resigned, would have done his PR some good, his rating doesn't matter very much now.

  6. Hikaru just let it go out of respect clearly 😅 sadly as good as Kasparov is his antics were to much .

  7. I agree with Nakamura, you don't want to win the game because of a blunder like that ✅

  8. I think, we need to re rule the game, move cant change after clock kicked

  9. He should have resigned it's not allowed 🚫

  10. Yeah!!@ would Garry have done the same to Magnus??? No!!!

  11. That is why Fischer is the best of all time! Fischer doesn't cheat.

  12. That's why he wanted to be a politician. He will be known as the best chess cheater of all times. Ask Judit Polgar..:P

  13. Same happened against judit polgar where Kasparov did this but when polgar claimed not one believed in her and no cameras as well!

  14. exactly. I agree. It is so cool to show respect to others in the 21st Century because it is extremely rare.

  15. "it's touch move clearly, but it's not touch release!"
    … What kind of nonsense is this ❓⁉️

  16. The fact that he let it go speak more volume then winning the game. This man is a beast!!!!

  17. That is just not fair play. Kasparov is just a loser and a cheater

  18. That's ilegal move, he just release his knight, oh Gery 😅

  19. I would have punched the old man in the face if I was that Japanese guy.

  20. He shouldn't have, even if he knew he would probably win. This is far from the first time Kasparov did this. Just because you are one of the greatest players ever doesn't entitle you to be an ass

  21. Nah you gotta respect Gary. You're not playing him at his best so you let it slide for him.

  22. Is not about respect or something like that, if you want respect something maybe has to respect chess, Kasparov did the same to a young Judit Polgar.

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